Strangers Swipe Right: Anonymous Sex with Rhiannon – Part 2

Mmmm. It felt so good and my  little mouth parted in a moan, thinking about you as the wand slid over my pussy lips and clit, wet with excitement and waiting. I writhed against the wand, holding it in place with my smooth thighs as I bucked my hips. My teeth were biting into my bottom lip, my hands wrapped around the handle of the wand, feeling the buzz, buzz, buzz of its vibration through them.


I was pushing against the wand, feeling my orgasm mounting, when there were three quick knocks at my door. It was you, my stranger!


“Come in,” I moaned, the vibrator still between my legs, on my pussy. And you did.  Your face wasn’t shocked like I thought it would be. I mean, you were walking in on me about to cum. Instead, you smiled warmly, pulled your shirt over your head and tossed it aside. You undid your pants, and slid them, along with your boxer briefs, about three quarters down the length of your legs, leaving your socks and shoes on beneath them. Obviously you were in too much of a hurry. 

“Rhiannon,” you said huskily, moving towards the couch, “It’s so nice to meet you. It looks like you couldn’t wait for me.” 

“I couldn’t wait,” I giggled, hands still clasped around the wand between my thighs, the buzzing of the vibrator becoming painfully obvious as it pulsated against my clit. “I still can’t,” I moaned as I came, my hips bucking up and down on the couch. And you were on me in a second,  your cock slipping into my wet fuckhole as it gripped around you, showing you that I was, indeed, coming.


I couldn’t wait for more and my anticipation was mounting as my stranger was about to show me what he could do.

You moaned loudly, gruffly, as you thrusted into me, my legs finding their way over your shoulders, the vibrator still between the two of us as you fucked me. My hands found their way to your ass cheeks, so I could hold you inside of me. I wanted your thick, sticky, cum in my tight little pussy. I wanted it to drip down my thighs. “Cum inside of me,” I moaned as your eyes closed, and you grunted deeply. “I want it all,” I told you. “Fuck me so good,” I cooed. And you did. You came in my hot little fuckhole, your seed all over my wand, all over yourself. It was so  messy and warm all over. And I absolutely loved it. I was so, so glad I swiped right on you.


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