Strangers Swipe Right: Anonymous Sex with Rhiannon – Part 1

I’ve always enjoyed being online and meeting strangers. I grew up in a small town where there weren’t many people I didn’t already know, so it made it difficult to date. Not wanting to be one of those girls who married their kindergarten classmate, either.  I went online to meet men from a pretty young age. It has continued into my twenties; I love meeting up with guys I’ve met on the internet after not having said much of anything to them. The mystery is what’s really hot to me. Not knowing if the picture matches the face of the man I’ll meet. Not knowing if I’m going to be tied up and kidnapped, or left with a nothing but a shy kiss by the end of the evening. It really gets my pussy wet just thinking about the possibilities. 


And that’s how I met you, on a swipe left or right app late at night. You said you needed to get your dick wet, and I said I was just the girl for that. So I gave you my address. You asked, however, that I wait for you in my living room without a stitch of clothing on, and I did just that. The cool air of my air conditioning unit, causing goosebumps to appear all over my soft, naked, skin. The anticipation was getting me very excited. I kept biting my pouting bottom lip, absolutely thrilled with the ideas of what might happen between you and me. Would you open the door, bend me over, and start your hip bones slapping against my curvy ass?

Would you wind your rough hands up in my long, luscious, raven-colored hair and pull me in for a slow, sensual kiss? 


I shivered in the cool room, a smug little smile coming across my glossy lips. Or it was possible you’d want me to take control. Maybe you were shy, or you liked to be dominated; you never know with a stranger. Would I end up up with your handsome face between my thighs, tongue lapping at my dripping pussy as I told you explicitly how to pleasure me? Moaning that you could do better if you sucked on my perky little clit while reaching upward to grope at my full, firm, tits, pinching at my pink puffy nipples with your wandering fingers. 

Just the idea of possibly fucking a stranger was driving me wild.

My pussy was growing moist and warm as I imagined the endless possibilities for the two of us. But you had yet to arrive. I was growing impatient watching the time on my phone, even though it had only been a half hour or so. It was then that I decided that while I was waiting for you to show up, I’d sneak into my room. Still completely nude, I would open up the drawer to my nightstand.

I pulled out a large, black wand. Its head was big, smooth, and ready to vibrate against my cute little clit. My slender fingers fumbled with the buttons as it began to quietly hum with the sounds of vibration and I took it with me from my bedroom back into the living room. I laid upon the sofa, a pillow propping up my head. Then I slid the wand between my legs, its quiet vibrations echoing through the empty room.

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