Stranger Sex-Hitchhiker-Part 1


Being young and reckless will take you in all sorts of directions in life. It took me to partying, smoking and meeting people who I never knew I would meet. I lived 10 mins outside of a small town, so there were no cabs, no busses and on foot it would take too long to walk. That turned me into a very active hitch hiker. I would hitchhike every single day to get to town and hang out with friends and party. I loved getting fucked up and being a bad girl. So hitchhiking was my freedom, my way to get away from home and play with whoever crossed my path. I ran my own life and that’s how I liked it. Stranger Sex was always welcome.

Then one day I became prey to an older man who stopped for me.

On this day I was looking super cute. My hair in 2 braids, tight shirt with a pair of jeans and some white ankle socks and running shoes. It was also the month of December so I had a warm jacket on. I was standing at the road for about 2 mins before this man in a rusty crappy truck picked me up. After getting in, he looked at me kind of funny, but I was friendly so I said “Hi”, and we started to drive.

This man was in his 50’s and I could tell he was very lonely. He asked me where I was heading to, I said I was going to party and get fucked up with friends in town. I liked the party life and wanted to just ride it like a wave. He then asked me what else I liked to ride. I looked at him and he looked back at me with this serious and subtle smirk on his face and I knew exactly what that meant.

He then asked me if I wanted to make a little extra Christmas money. His way of hinting that he was looking for a good time too. I knew I was the girl he wanted to have it with. It took me a second to come up with a response, but my response was simple and direct. I asked him “how much money?” He told me he had $1000 on him and would gladly hand it over if I would give him some attention. Intrigued by his offer since I could use the money and loved the thought of giving this lonely guy a little slice of heaven. It would be my little Christmas present to him, that came with a cost of course.

He was happy to pay for it and I was a little party freak.

We drove until we came to a private back road where no one really went. Pulling over on the side of the road, we left the truck running for the heat. He slid his seat back as far as it would go and I asked what he wanted me to do for him. “Open my pants and put your hand in and touch me” he said. So I leaned over and opened his pants and felt his cock. It was soft but didn’t take long to get hard in my hand.

I stroked it from top to bottom playing with it softly, touching his balls and just making him feel so good. He put his head back and relaxed which is exactly what I wanted. Playing with it gently and feeling it grow was such a turn on to me. I also have a thing for older men so I was really excited this was happening.


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