Strange Sex Facts 


Honestly, sex, pleasure and fantasies really interests me. So, I have decided to share with you some of the very interesting strange sex facts that I have found. Maybe we can learn some things together, and maybe we can even find some new fantasies that we can talk about. If nothing else you can learn some fun trivia that may be of use, or get some really good chuckles out of the whole thing. I know that I learned a whole lot from my search and some of it even got me really excited. The plan is to give you the facts and then some thoughts on it.


The record for the most female orgasms is 134 in one hour. Really, wow what a lucky girl. I want to try and beat this. Think that you can assist? Gymnophoria is the sense that someone is mentally undressing you. Now, honestly this niche is interesting to me. I always undress people with my eyes, and I promise on our call I am 100% picturing you naked with your cock in your hand. The next two here are for all you married men. Sex can relieve a headache – it releases the tension, which restricts blood vessels in the brain. So, having a headache is not a valid excuse. A man can reduce his chances of getting prostate cancer by having at least four orgasms a week.  An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away! 


Are you enjoying these strange sex facts? I know I am!


Nearly 10 percent of all dreams include sex. Sex dreams aren’t just the territory of horny teenage boys. In fact, nearly one in ten dreams contain some R-rated sexual content—and that’s true for both men and women. Women were more likely to have sex dreams about politicians, celebrities, or their exes while men were more likely to dream about having sex with multiple partners at once.  So, this one I knew but I love this strange sex fact, Women actually get erections in their genitals and even though they’re smaller than the male counterpart, they are just as important. The clitoris is made up of the same spongy erectile tissue as the penis, which expands and engorges with blood when aroused. Obviously, that is why I always refer to my hard clit. 


Again, another fun fact that helps improve overall life. Having sex might get you your next promotion—and no, I am  not talking about sleeping with your boss. Although that always helps also.  It turns out that having a happy sex life was linked with improved job satisfaction and greater engagement at work, both of which can help advance your career. Obviously, this fact is great for me and you. Fantasies hardly get acted out Most people seem content to keep their sexual fantasies as strictly that—imaginary. Less than one-third of participants in the study reported having ever acted out their most prominent fantasy. So, acting out our fantasies is a perfectly healthy thing.  Hear that? It is saying call us at the phone sex temple and tell us all about them.

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