Stockings & Pantyhose Lovers Welcome – Part 2

Hello and welcome back! Here is part one to this story if you haven’t read it yet. Anyway, I was telling you last time about my deep love for all things tight! Besides the obvious, I also love leggings, latex, short tight skirts, dresses, etc. The list could go on! Do you feel the same way too?

Don’t forget what I was talking about towards the end… You worshipping me in my sexy nylons. I’m still wearing my black thigh highs while your lips work their way up my long legs. It feels delightful. I am sure your cock is still tingling and twitching. This erotic kink of yours is also my kink. We both love it together. That right there really makes my pussy wet. Knowing we are both equally loving this and wanting more. Or, I bet it’s you who is wanting more of my nylons in your face! I just enjoy wearing them as I tease you. Making you lick and sniff me through them. Massages too are always welcome.

The fabric feels so nice against your skin.

My hand reaches down to my black thong. My legs slowly spread a bit more as you keep kissing my legs. I watch your eyes glancing over where my cunt is. I decide to take off the thong. So I stand up and then realize I have a new pair of pantyhose I have yet to wear! Of course this teases and maybe also tortures you. It doesn’t matter to me because I’ll just make you wait while I put the hosiery on. No panties underneath. Just pantyhose and skin. Doesn’t that make you want to stroke your cock?

It’s not time for you to touch your cock. The time is now for me to sit on your face. Smothering you with my brand new pantyhose! It doesn’t matter if I don’t have any panties. You sniff, lick, kiss all over these stretchy tights! I want to be able to see your cock twitching and precum oozing. Of course it is right now. This is so perverted but you don’t care. You’re in heaven so you couldn’t care less!

Perhaps after spending sometime sitting on your face I then move to your cock. Don’t get it twisted though. We’re not having sex. I’m only going to tease your cock with the fabric on my body. First I’ll lie on top of you with your dick firmly pressed between my thighs. Edging and jerking you with thin, sheer pantyhose. The sensation almost becomes unbearable but I don’t stop.

You want me to keep torturing your dick with my hosiery.

Maybe next I’ll use my nylon covered feet to grab your junk. Stroking you hard and fast. The burning feeling is really driving you crazy and yet you’re harder than ever! I bet if I keep doing this you won’t be able to control yourself. You’re going to explode with so much warm, sticky seed! But as I said in part one, you will lick anything up that gets on my new tights.

Looks like you’re going to nut any minute now. I’m not stopping until you burst. I don’t care if you’re red and burning down there. Ruby wants your seed…

Get over here and clean me up!

Here’s the audio to this naughty story.

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