Stockings & Pantyhose Lovers Welcome – Part 1

There is just something special about stockings and pantyhose that excites many people. Myself included, actually. They are simply irresistible! Maybe it’s how tight they hug onto a woman’s body. They’re very formfitting and accentuate every delicious curve. Personally I love shiny pantyhose and stockings! Although I think I just love every kind and style. Yeah, that sounds about right! ;) The fabric could be sheer, shiny, glittery, whatever the case. It doesn’t matter. I feel sexy in each type.

If you didn’t know this already I have a drawer full of tights and other tight-fitting clothing. Leggings are another favorite of mine but I’ll dedicate a blog post to that another time. I bet there’s a great chance that leggings also turn you on like how they do to me!

But now I want to learn more about you. Would you consider it a fetish for yourself? Ever since I got into the phone sex business I learned quickly how many guys out there love wearing them! Seems to be quite a few actually. For some it is an obsession. Some want to be humiliated while also wearing them. While others want to worship a hot girl in them.

What if I told you I am wearing sexy black stockings right now?

Yes, as I am typing this, I have my legs crossed while I feel the thin fabric rubbing together. When I’m writing my blog posts or taking phone calls I always love to dress up. At the moment I thought this would be the perfect time to put on a new pair of stockings. My pantyhose slave recently bought these for me!  How sweet of him, right? He gets bossed around and humiliated while I get to buy sexy tight-fitting clothes as a reward!

But anyway, you don’t have to be into humiliation to enjoy the pantyhose & stockings lifestyle. What I really enjoy doing is wearing them while on the phone with you fetish lovers. I do believe at this moment teasing you would be quite exciting. It’s what is on my mind and I have a feeling it’s on yours too. You can worship my beautiful long legs in these thigh highs. Perhaps I will edge you. Rubbing my hot thighs against your aching cock. If any of your precum gets on my new stockings then you better lick it up. I won’t hesitate to reach for your head and guide you down there.

Your imagination will be stretched with my erotic words and sweet voice

Come closer. On your hands and knees. I want to start by having you kiss my nylon-covered feet. I’ll press the soles of my nylon feet against your face. Being down there in front of me makes your cock tingle, doesn’t it? It puts a smile on my face watching you beginning to kiss my ankles. Working your way up my calves. Take your time. There’s no rush. I’m wearing a lacy black thong. You might be able to get a glimpse of my pussy underneath it.

Silly boy, I didn’t tell you to stop kissing! I’m going to keep teasing you. I want you to hear my fingertips going up and down these thigh thighs too. The audio clip for this erotic story will feature me in my nylons. Teasing you with their sounds and my sensual words until you bust. Get the audio now if you don’t want to wait for part 2 this coming Thursday.

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