Back for part 2 of my stocking seduction? I am so glad you cam back! Did you check out my super sexy audio? What about my masturbation blog? I hope you enjoyed those. If you did you are going to make sure you ask me about my photo sets for sale. Well, let us not waste any more time I know your dying to hear what happened next. As you probably recall I got all dolled up in my black thigh highs and 6y inch heels and was headed to my new neighbor’s house with homemade fresh out the oven chocolate chip cookies.


There I was walking down just a few doors down feeling super sexy and to be honest, quite unstoppable. I touched on this in part one, but when I am wearing a sexy pair of stockings and heels I feel like a Goddess. There is something so feminine and powerful about it. It makes me feel like I can take over the world. Between the silky feel on my legs, the way it makes my ass look, and the way it completes the outfit I just love them. In fact, quite often when I masturbate I put on these exact thigh highs before I do. Just the act of sliding them on makes me moist and ready to cum. 


I knocked on his door and, at this instant, my pussy knocked with me. 


He answered the door in just a pair of basketball shorts and he was slightly sweaty and my tight little slit throbbed. His eyes got big as he took in my outfit and I was quite pleased. Just the reaction I was seeking. I apologized for bothering him and told him I was just stopping by with some cookies before I headed to a meeting. He smiled and asked me to come in leading me to the kitchen. As I placed the cookies on the counter I caught him looking me up and down taking in my stockings and heels, my bra peeking out. He looked hungry and I planned on feeding him. It was looking like I picked just the right outfit to get what I wanted.


I bit my lip and looked him in the eyes simultaneously, grabbing the kitchen rag and dabbing the sweat off his chest.


His fingers brushed against my stockings and an electric shock ran through my body. I could feel his erection and my hand automatically made its way to it. Suddenly, before I knew what was happening I was bent over the counter panties on the ground, my skirt around my waist. His fingertips on the lace part of my stockings. I could tell that he was enjoying my stockings and garter as much as I did. I mean how many women my age walk around in these.  As a result, he was fucking me way better than I had imagined.


Obviously, you want to hear all those juicy details on how he fucked me? Make sure you check out my audio!

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