If you know me you know I love a great pair of stockings, I guess you can go as far as to say that I have a stocking fetish. When wearing a pair of silky thigh highs and a garter belt paired with stiletto heels I feel so sexy. That combination basically gives me a very powerful in charge feeling. Recently I got a new neighbor and man he is so hot. Although as much as I flirted he seems slightly oblivious. So I have decided that I am going to seduce him. Time to plan on how exactly I am going to get him to make the 1st move. Pacing back and forth in my closet I think I have an idea. Grabbing my favorite pair of stockings I started to formulate a plan. 


Thigh-high black stockings, matching pink lace thong & bra with little black bows, my black pencil skirt, pink button-up silk blouse, and a pair of 6-inch black heels is exactly what I walked out of my closet with. 


First, I headed to the kitchen and started some chocolate chip cookies to bring him as a welcome to the neighborhood. Once, I got them started and set the timer on the oven I went to shower. I was planning on dolling myself all the way up. Yesterday I went to the salon to get waxed, therefore, I was already hairless. Next, I lotioned up my body making sure to get every inch of skin so I smelled amazing and my skin was super smooth. As I rubbed the rose water lotion into my skin I pictured his hands on my body instead of my own. My nipples got hard and my pussy started to throb. I had to get ahold of myself. Otherwise, I was going to end up with my toy inside of me instead of him.


Then, I did my makeup, once I felt beautiful I went to get dressed. Standing in the mirror I slid on my black garter belt and grabbed my stockings. Slowly I slid the right one over my freshly french manicured toes. Feeling the silky smooth material slid over my foot and up my ankle. Grabbing the lace top of the stocking once it was over my foot. I slid it up to my calf finally coming to a stop at my thigh. Clipping it in place I proceed to slide on the left stocking. Making sure to take my time to appreciate the way the stocking felt going up my leg. Once they were both locked in place and I was only wearing my thigh high stockings and garter belt I checked myself out in the mirror. 


Rubbing my hands over my legs while doing a 360 man I looked hot. 


Finally, I finished getting dressed making sure to leave one extra button on my blouse open so you could see my pink lacy bra, and went to grab the cookies. It was time to make my way down to his house and see if I could finally get his attention. I was sure that he would not be able to resist. Obviously, I was looking hot smelling nice and I came bearing gifts!


Are you enjoying this story? Can’t wait to see if my plan to seduce him pans out? Go listen to the audio! I know you will love it. There are so many extra dirty details in there. You should probably also go check out my masturbation blog. Do you like the way stockings look? Well, I have quite a few stocking photo sets for sale if you are interested just ask!

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