Stocking Fetish, New Neighbor Gets a Foot Job Part 2

Once we got inside for my stocking fetish fun, we put the groceries in the kitchen. I turned to him and said, “Hi! My name is Katrina. I moved in here a month or so ago.” I was leaning against the counter and playing with one of my shoes. He was constantly glancing down at my legs, feet, and shoes. He managed to say in a bit of a stammer, “Hi! I’m Jeff. I noticed that you were new here.” I started a bit of a rambling conversation as I put away all my groceries. It was mostly a one-sided conversation, but it gave him plenty of time to look at my stocking covered legs and feet. 

The hose fixation fun was sealed when I invited him to stay for dinner. “I really want to thank you for helping me. I’ve been so stressed and lonely lately. Would you want to join me for dinner tonight? I’m making spaghetti.” I said and noticed a surprised look on his face. That was all it took. He sat at my table watching my feet and legs. 

I was still in my heels as I cooked.

I purposefully dangled my shoes to entice him by his stocking fetish. Then I took a foot out to flex it like it was sore. Finally, we finished dinner. He’d been rubbing himself under the table while we ate. Also, he was sneaking looks at my feet. “You know I love wearing heels but my feet can get sore after a long week like this week,” I said, then I extended my leg and brushed my foot up against his leg. “I would absolutely love a foot massage. My ex never liked touching my feet.” I said seductively as I flexed my foot. Almost in a trance, he said, “I love to give foot massages.” and he looked up with me a timid smile. “Oh really? I would love that!” I said and rested my foot on his leg. 

His nylon predilection was in full swing as he began to massage my foot. Soon, he dropped to his knees in front of me to rub my stocking covered foot and leg. When he looked up at my legs, he would see my pantiless pussy. I moaned and placed my foot right on his rigid dick. 

He let out a gasp and noticed my spread legs and bare pussy.

My talented hose fetish toes grabbed his sweats and I pulled them down. I started rubbing it with my stocking covered foot. He got the idea quickly and gave me a surprised, pleased smile and he said, “Would you like a little reciprocation?” I said in a breathy, sexy voice. “Oh god, yes!” I brought my other foot over and let him slip that shoe off my foot. He paused to smell my shoe for a moment. I rubbed my foot and toes on his face. He began to kiss and suck on my toes through the stockings as I rubbed up and down his shaft with the balls of my foot and toes. 

Soon, I had both my stocking fetish feet on his dick and he had his head buried between my thighs. He was licking my wet pussy as I stroked his dick with my stocking covered feet. It was heaven! His hands were rubbing in my stocking and bare thighs. He had a talented tongue and I started to push my hips up to fuck his face even as I squeezed and stroked his dick. I was giving a helluva foot job because that made him go even faster and furious on my pussy. It was so hot because I could feel his dick throbbing as I pushed my hips up into his face. I exploded all over his lips and tongue. He drank it in ever as he moaned and bucked against my feet firmly squeezing. 

I could feel his cum shooting all over my feet and toes. 

Then my stocking fixation neighbor really surprised me when he backed off and began to lick his cum off my toes and feet. It pleasantly surprised me that he was still semi-hard still. As he licked up his cum off my feet, he said, “Damn! You’re amazing!” and I laughed. “The night is still young. Why don’t you come back to my bedroom with me? I’d love to see you naked in my bed while I model some of my stockings for you. I even have some full-body stockings with holes in all the right places to have stocking covered sex.” He rose up and left his sweats on the floor and we went to the bedroom to have a fun, fetish Friday night. 

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Kisses, Katrina


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