Stocking Fetish, New Neighbor Gets a Foot Job Part 1

I recently moved to a new place and I think my neighbor guy has a stocking fetish. It’s an adult complex of townhouses with a communal parking area and pool. Well, my new, young neighbor guy is pretty cute. I’ve noticed him peeking on me a lot when I come and go. 

So, I noticed his hose fixation made his bulge get bigger. I’m betting that he has a stocking and/or foot and shoe fetish. So, I’ve decided to experiment a little bit with my young, cute neighbor guy. First, I needed to prove my theory before I proceed to seduce him with legs, feet, stockings, and high-heels. So, I started wearing some printed ones with lace-up backs, floral sticking, fishnets, latex, and a variety of back seams. 

Now his nylon predilection had him looking out his window every time that I entered or exited my place. I wanted him to show me his interest. It was a good start. Let’s not be coy. I needed confirmation. So, I wanted to see him stroking his cock while he watched me slowly walk past his window to my next-door condo. 

Pretty soon he wasn’t simply peeking out between his blinds to get his hose fetish. No, he would open the blinds so out of the corner of my eye, I could see him too. It seemed that he liked my sheer black or tan stockings the best. I caught him in nothing but his sweatpants. It was my sweet reward.

He seemed to be stroking his dick through them. 

After confirming his stocking fetish, I started experimenting more with my heels. He was a high-heel guy. It didn’t seem to matter the color of the shoe, but I think that black was the best. Also, I occasionally put my foot out of the car as I was getting out and letting my heels dangle by the toes. Now, that seemed to really get him going even more. Ah-ha! I have a plan now.

Even though he watched me in order to fulfill his hose fixation, he had never engaged me in conversation the few random times we’d been outside at the same time. It really made me think hard. The best I could come up with was a damsel in distress situation. 

Then I put a stocking fetish fulfillment plan into place on a Friday. I put on some sheer black hose, black platform high-heels, a simple form-fitting black dress, and of course, sexy, lacy black lingerie underneath it all sans panties. Also, I made sure that my vibrant red lipstick was perfect and matched my nails. I had my look set. So, I stopped by the grocery store. I made sure that the bag containing nothing breakable had a big tear in it so that it would rip and spill out all over the place once I got home. 

The stage was set for a fun, hose predilection party. I played it perfectly. I put my left foot out and leisurely dangled my heel from my toes. He was there and I could see him rubbing his groin. Then I stepped out of my car. 

The torn bag worked and it’s contents spilled all over. 

I really made a show in my hose fetish play. I made a dramatic display of distress. “Oh shit!” I said loudly and continued saying, “As if this week wasn’t bad enough already! Dammit, all!” I bent over at the waist trying to pick up the garlic bread but looking up to see if he had left his window. Sure enough, he wasn’t there anymore. I was pleasantly surprised when I looked up and saw that he’d come out in nothing but his sweatpants and shoes. The first thing he said, “Oh hey, let me help you.” 

His nylon fixation had him hooked. I looked up with a distressed but hopeful look as I said, “Oh, hi, yes, please. Thank you!” As he bent down to help me, I saw that he was still hard and I was right about him not wearing underwear. “I don’t think that I can fit these things into any of my other bags.” I said and continued, “Would you mind picking them up and bringing them into my place for me, please?” His response thrilled me! He smiled and he said, “Sure thing. It’s no problem.” Then he grabbed one of the other bags as he followed me into my place.

Part 2 coming in 2 days!
If you don’t want to wait to find out what is going to happen next, you can check out my audio blog Stocking Fetish, New Neighbor Gets a Foot Job Parts 1 & 2!
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Kisses, Katrina
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