Stocking and foot fetish, the sacker’s surprise foot job, part 2.

I made sure to take a shower and use my perfumed body wash so I could smell so sweet for him.  I put on a black form fitting dress that came up to my mid-thigh. My sexiest piece of lingerie my black lace full body stocking and super high stilettos.  I made sure to do my make up and hair just right especially my lips, I put on a fuck me red lipstick.  Making sure I was ready for my stocking and foot fetish guy when he came over.

I didn’t think he could get any hotter then he showed up at my door wearing regular clothes and was hotter than hell!

Arriving at my place, he was dressed in a pair of form fitting jeans that showed off his ass and muscular legs. He also wore a polo pull over which showed off how buff he really was.  Damn, he looked hot!  I noticed him having a fixation on my legs and feet when I opened the door.  I invited him in and offered my couch for him to sit on and I sat in the bar stool across from him.  The bar stool across from him was a deviantly calculated move so he could see me better.  I crossed my legs, dangled my shoe off of my foot and was swinging my leg back and forth.

He kept looking under the table at my legs and feet as we were eating dinner.

We sat at the dining room table eating our dinner and talking, getting to know each other. While we were eating dinner I took it upon myself to do a little teasing and rub my stocking covered foot up and down his leg.   After we get done with dinner I scoot closer to him at the table.  I touched his hand and pulled it onto my thigh. I know you have obsession about wanting to feel of my legs in my stockings. He kind of stuttered when he said “yyeess Alexis I hhhaavvee” He proceeded to slide his hand up and down my thigh.

Now we are getting ready to have some fun with my stocking and foot fetish guy!

Putting my leg in his lap I told him to feel of my stocking covered foot and rub it.  I know that is what you have been wanting to do for a long time, Timothy.  Moving my foot up to his mouth, he immediately started sucking on my toes through my stocking. Rubbing my foot while he was sucking on my toes made me feel so good.  With my other foot I felt of his cock which was getting harder as indulged his fixation. I started rubbing on it over his jeans and he let out a little moan.

Getting so excited at this point I almost couldn’t control myself!

He was sliding his hand up and down my thigh.  I told him to get undressed because I wanted to see what he had to offer me.  Since I indulged his obsession, I wanted to see how hard he really was. He took off his jeans and polo shirt and damn!  What a hottie with a nice big cock!  I took my dress off and showed off my stocking covered body. He said he had never seen anyone wearing a full on body stocking before.

Getting anxious, I couldn’t wait to rub my stocking covered body all over him

Rubbing my body up against his before wrapping my stocking covered feet around his cock, I started stroking.  Rubbing up and down the shaft and then up over the tip and back down the shaft.  Moving one of my feet down to massage his balls while my other foot pushes his cock up against his stomach and rubbing it up and down.  I am really enjoying giving Timothy a foot job, it is turning me on so much.  He has so much precum coming out of his cock.

He was pumping my feet like he would a pussy and he was moaning in pleasure so much so that he exploded all over my feet!  I loved the feeling of that cum running down my toes, under the soles, on the sides and over the tops of my feet!  He said “I am so sorry I didn’t mean to cum so quick”.  It;s ok, I told him we had all night long to play some more. Since I have my body stoking on you can do all kinds of wicked things to my pussy.

I hope you enjoyed my stocking and foot fetish blog!  Here is Part 1 of my stocking and foot fetish blog!  You can also hear me tell this story on my audio blog. I can’t wait to transport you into unimaginable bliss!




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