Stocking and Foot Fetish, The Sacker’s Surprise Foot Job, Part 1.

This is my stocking and foot fetish fantasy so, if you like it you should give me a call.

There is this grocery store I go to and it is this old fashioned kind. They have sackers that actually carry your bags out for you. I have on a black skirt, white button down blouse, black sheer stockings and stiletto heels as I was just coming from work. One day at the grocery store there was a new sacker that helped me.  He was really cute and young.  He was unloading my groceries into the trunk of my car and I noticed that he couldn’t keep his eyes off of my stocking covered legs and feet.  His fixation was kind of a turn on for me. Next time I go to the store I want to make sure to get this sacker because I wanted to play with him, I was thinking.

Of course,  the next week I had to go to the grocery store again. Dressing in a little skirt, blouse, nude stockings and my stiletto heels to impress.  I get in the check out lane, put  my groceries on the conveyor belt and proceed to the front. He quickly came over to my lane to sack my groceries. He took the groceries out to my car to put in the trunk.  Of course, he was watching me sitting in my car dangling my feet. Hmm I thought. If I wasn’t mistaken I would think he had a stocking and foot obsession.

Eager to please, he was shy to my advances.

So, the next time I went to the grocery store I looked for this young man. It didn’t take long to find him as I got in the check out line.  He was busy in another lane, however, he immediately came up and started sacking my groceries.  I decided that if he was going to stare at me then I would give him a little show.  Loading the groceries into my trunk, I sit in my car.

As he was putting them away he was staring at me. So, I hike up my skirt, cross my legs and start swinging ,my leg back and forth dangling my heel out of my stilettos.  I start rubbing my hand up and down my stockings from my knee all the way up to my pussy.  I could tell he was getting aroused because of the way he was behaving.  He started to move uncomfortably and his face got kind of red.

Turning his fixation into a reality.

I am not afraid to go after what I want because I am a sexy confident woman I wanted at the moment was this cute young thing to play with. Going up to him and I said “Hi, my name is Alexis, what is your name?” He said “HI Alexis, my name is Timothy and it is nice to meet you.”  I have noticed every time I come to this store you are always sacking my groceries.  Listen, it is just going to be me tonight so, why don’t you come join me for dinner and we can get to know each other?  “Sure,” he said. Why don’t you come over at 6?  I gave him my address and then went home to start to fix dinner.  Determined to turn his fixation into reality I acted on my instinct.

Want to know the rest? Then check out my stocking and foot fetish audio for the full story!  Want something else exciting to read, then read another one of my blogs.



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