Stepmom Seduction morning wood surprise part 2

In this stepmom seduction, when he asked why,  this is what I told him.  “Well, you know last night when you were in your bedroom?”  Yes, he said.  “Well, I opened the door to see what you wanted for dinner and I saw you, my stepson, stroking yourself on your bed.”

My lips curled up in a smile as I told him that. “I  was fascinated and had to stand there in your doorway and watch you in action.  Seeing you stroke your big, young, hard cock turned me on like you would not believe!  I spent all night long thinking about you and your young hard cock.  I really wanted you, my stepson, bad!  So I was thinking this morning when you came out of your bedroom you would probably have some morning wood going on and that would be the perfect opportunity to play with you  So I dressed so skimpy to turn you on in hopes that your young cock would stay hard for me so I could have my way with you.”

I’m so excited at this point, knowing I am going to act on my fantasy with my stepson!

In this stepmom seduction, I pressed my big breasts up against his head as I continued to rub on his muscular shoulders.  I ran my fingers through his hair, leaned down and whispered in his ear that “I want you now!” KIssing my stepson with a very deep passionate tongue filled kiss I was devouring his tongue with mine. Reaching down to his boxers and feeling his young very hard, very big cock and was making my panties soaked!

I rubbed the top of his cock with the palm of my hand in circular motions.  Sliding my hand down the shaft of his cock, I pressed on it and the hardness of his young, hard cock got me so excited!  I felt so slutty feeling of my stepson’s cock like that!  I am so horny at this point that I can’t help myself.

Getting on my knees in front of him, I pulled off his boxers.  Gently, I put my hand on the shaft of his cock and my mouth around that big mushroom head and started to suck on it while stroking him.  Reaching up with my other hand and  I started to feel his big balls and massage them in my hand.  I can’t believe I am actually feeling of my own stepson’s young hard cock.

Feeling of his young, hard cock was making me so incredibly wet!

My pussy was soaked by this point and I was needing to feel his cock deep inside of me. I wanted him to fuck me and fuck me hard right now!  He had me stand up in front of him and he grabbed me and pushed me down on the dining room table.  He tore my silky, black, lace panties off and pressed himself up against me, I could feel his hard throbbing cock pressing against my pussy!     OMG, I am such a slutty little stepmom for wanting my stepson this way!

He slid his young hard cock inside of me and it was the most amazing feeling!  I felt like a teenager touched for the very first time! He gave it to me good too!  He fucked me so hard just pounding away in my pussy!  It was everything I had fantasized about plus some! He made me climax so many times it was unreal!

I really hope we get a chance to do this again, I love being naughty with my stepson!

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