Stepmom Seduction Morning Wood Surprise Part 1

As a stepmom, I”m an expert at seducing my stepson and I want to tell you all about it! After last night, I couldn’t quit thinking about him, ever since I saw him stroking his young, hard, cock in his bedroom. He didn’t know it but I opened the door to ask him if he wanted to have some dinner and he was just stroking away at his cock.

This stepmom stood there in the doorway to his bedroom, watching him, fantasizing about all of the naughty, family fun we could have! All through dinner with his father, all I could think about was my stepson up there jerking his young cock.  This led me to hoping he was fantasizing about my mature body while he was stroking. I’ve always thought he was a cute little boy, ever since I married his father and took on the responsibility of being his stepmom.  However, now he has turned into a very handsome and sexy young man!

Knowing it was wrong to lust after my own stepson, I could not help myself, my urges were just too strong.

I’ve laid in bed all night long thinking about him and his big, young hard cock and all the nasty sex I want to have with him. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to persuade him to slip his hard cock in between my aching loins. Unable to help myself, I rubbed my little pink pussy all night long thinking about him. Soon, I was devising a plan to seduce him when he got up in the morning.

I waited for him to come out of his bedroom knowing he would probably have some morning wood going on.  Dressed all sexy in my silky, black lace chemise and thong panties to match, I was cooking breakfast just for him.

As he sat at the dining room table, I brought him his morning cup of coffee. Sitting in the chair next to him I put my hand on his leg, making chit chat, asking how he slept.  He said he kept waking up during the night. My fingers twitched on his thigh, thinking of all of the ways that I could persuade him, to have sex.  As I rubbed his thigh, I said,  “I’m sorry sweetie I know just the thing  you need.”

Getting behind him, I started rubbing on his shoulders, you just need to relax is all sweetie. I slid my hands up and down his chest feeling his firm muscles.  Rubbing my stepsons young, firm muscles was turning me on so much! Ooohhh I could feel his nipples getting hard beneath my fingers. By the way, Elaina, why are you dressed like that, you ask. Smiling I say, “I just felt like wearing something sexy today. Well to be real honest with you I dressed like this for you.  But, why?

You thought this was exciting you might enjoy this blog.

Come back on Thursday to read part 2 of my Stepmom seduction blog!



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