Stepdad Virgin Age Play – Stepdad’s Special Princess Natalie – Part 2

I’m so glad you’re enjoying this stepdad virgin age play with me! Let’s continue the fun!

Your lips are everything I dreamed of.

Soft, yet firm, lustful kisses show a strong sexual desire for his special princess. It’s so amazing, my love for you feels like it’s just exploding! I want to do more, but to be honest, I’m not sure what to do… I don’t know if my stepdad realizes this, but this is my very first time getting a real kiss from a boy! It made me so horny, the grinding and humping motions just came to me naturally. I figured I must be doing something right because I could feel his dick starting to get hard in his pants. 

The harder it gets, the more I grind my little princess parts on it.

It just feels SO GOOD when I hit this one spot! And each time I hit that little spot, it feels even better. It’s a pleasure I’ve never felt before. I let out a few high-pitched moans as I hump you, They make your cock rock hard. Enough is enough. You’ve come this far.  You aren’t going to hold back any longer. Your hands drift from my ass to my shirt, and you pull it up over my head. You admire my tiny tits in the training bra you just bought for me a few weeks ago. Leaning forward, you lick at my perky nipples. I giggle at first, but then it quickly goes back to moans. Another new pleasure? Why haven’t we done this sooner?!

I’m suddenly aware that my panties are soaked.

Did I just go potty and not realize it? I’m so embarrassed! “Um, stepdaddy… my panties are all wet… I’m so sorry… I don’t even know when it happened!” Immediately you reach down and feel my kitty through my wet panties. “It’s okay baby girl, that’s just what your little princess parts do when you get really happy & excited. You’re having fun with stepdaddy, aren’t you?” “Yes, stepdaddy! I’ve never felt anything like this before, I love it!” “Mmmm good sweetie, because there are more good feelings to come…” You pick me up & lay me down on my back. “This might hurt a little at first, but it’ll feel even better than anything else you’ve felt so far. I promise.” 

You push the tip of your dick inside my kitty.

I’m so tight, it hurts! But then I look up and see the pure ecstasy on your face. You promised it would feel better, so I do my best to let you continue. You spend a few minutes trying to work it in, but I can only ever take the tip. It’s so hot watching me struggle to take it, you don’t care that it doesn’t all go in. My princess parts are so tight, you end up blowing your load inside me right then. You kiss me on the lips and tell me I’m a good girl. Then we lay in my bed and cuddled together. After all, I can always try to take more of your cock tonight…


I have a passion for writing naughty stories, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. If you enjoyed Part Two of this stepdad virgin age play and want more, listen to me read my filthy story to you in my sexy voice, and get extra-spicy details in my audio!

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