Stepdad Roleplay – Diary Confession Crush On Stepdad – NAT – A – 0017 – 6-19-23 – Part 2

Welcome back for the final words of your step-daughter’s diary in this erotic stepdad roleplay!

You reach down and grab your twitching cock.

“Oh diary, what should I do? I want to fuck my stepdad SO badly! It’s so hard now that we all live together. I mean yeah, I expected to see him more often. That part alone is pretty difficult. But I didn’t take into account that our rooms would be RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER. Seriously. My bedroom shares a wall with my newly married mom & her new husband’s room. I can hear them going at it practically every night. But what am I going to do? Ask my mom to stop having sex so loud. Talk about majorly awkward. Besides, if I’m being honest, it is more of a turn-on than anything. Hearing my stepdad fuck my mom makes me want to fuck him even more. The way he makes my mother scream and moan? Fuck, I want to know what that feels like! 

You’re jerking off fast now, hanging on my diary’s every word.

“I want to be the one taking his cock over & over! I even touch myself as I listen to him fucking my mother, imagining it’s me in there. It gets my pussy so wet & worked up, sometimes I just want to burst into the room and demand he fuck me too!  Mmm and when he cums… Wow. It’s… it’s hard to put into words. It’s just the hottest thing ever. When I can hear the bed squeaking fast, I know that he’s about to cum. I can hear his breathing change as he pounds my mother, and I just wish that it was me so badly! He moans and fucks my mom like a beast, grunting as he gets closer to orgasm. It’s then that I know he’s going to cum, and I rub my clit as fast as I can so that I can cum with him! Oh God, it’s so embarrassing, but I’ve been masturbating to them having sex every night! What should I do?!”

You read the final words in my diary, ready to burst with cum.

Quickly you grab up a pair of my panties on my bedroom floor. They’re worn, and you can’t help but take a quick sniff of them as you stroke your cock. The smell of your teen stepdaughter’s pussy is more than enough to make you bust hard. You barely get my panties over your cock before you’re bursting with cum. It’s hard to control a huge load of cum like that, but you managed to keep it all in my used panties… or so you thought. You look at my diary and notice a small drop of cum has landed on the pages you were reading. You decide to leave it as it is, with my cum-filled panties sitting right next to the open, stained diary. It’s obvious I want to fuck you, All I need is this sign of my stepdaddy’s approval, and we’ll be fucking every chance we get!


I have a passion for writing naughty stories, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. If you enjoyed Part Two of this stepdad roleplay and want more, listen to me read my filthy story to you in my sexy voice, and get extra-spicy details in my audio!

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