Stepdad And His All American Schoolgirl With Courtney (Part 2)

I hope you’ve been enjoying the story so far. Like I said, my stepdad sat down at the breakfast table with me, and just would not stop staring at me. I found it to be a bit unsettling because he’s never this quiet. 

You could tell there was nervousness in my voice as I spoke up and finally asked him if I was in trouble and if he wanted me to change. He let out a laugh and said oh of course not honey, I just never really noticed how much like your mom you look.

When he said this, I smiled so big. I was so happy because I wanted nothing more than to look more mature and grown-up, just like my mom was.

So do you think the boys will notice me now, and do you think I look okay?

My stepdad stared me down and said of course you look fine.

He turned his head to the clock, noticing the time, and how early it still was. Hey, why don’t I drive you to school today he said, I’m not doing anything else.

Of course, I was okay with this because that meant I had a bit more time to just chill. I had started to go upstairs back to my room when my stepdad called my name asking if I could come help him with something real quick. 

I turned back down and headed towards the living room to find my dad sitting on the couch, with his cock in his hand, his balls swollen full of cum.

To say that I was indeed shocked could be an understatement. Catching him by surprise I asked him what he was doing, and told him I was here to help him with whatever he needed help with. He pointed to his cock and right then and there I had gotten my answer.

Feeling nervous, he calmed me down, guiding my hand towards his area, gently playing it on the tip. It’s okay honey, you can touch it.

Please touch it, he said.

Wanting my stepdad to think I could handle being mature, I slowly started touching his cock with my hand. Slowly I started rubbing it with my fingertips.  I started massaging his balls, making him just go crazy with all of my touching and teasing.

I felt so wrong while doing this, but there was just something so hot about me being able to please my stepdad. Apparently, I was even better than my own mom.

Eventually, he had me naked on my knees, sucking his cock.  I took it as deep as I could within my mouth.

Gagging all over it as he pushed his cock down my throat, I began to feel a warm substance going down, and that’s when I realized he just came in my mouth.

I swallowed every drop like the good girl I was and was told I did a very good job. My stepdad loved his schoolgirl, and from then on, I forever became my stepdad’s best cocksucker.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my stepdad story! Make sure you don’t miss part one.  Want to hear this story in my sweet young voice?  You can purchase my audio blog! I promise you’ll love it.


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