Stepdad’s All American Schoolgirl (Part 1)

You guys know I have lots of stories of my adventures that I love to share, and this week is a blast from the past with my stepdad.  I hope you enjoy it.

This story happened about 6 years ago. It was like any other Monday morning. My alarm had gone off around 6:30 alerting me that it was time to get up to start the day. 

 My mom was working in an office at the time, and she often wore very professional outfits, and my stepdad absolutely loved it. 

She would often leave the house in short skirts and high heels while wearing very elegant stockings. I wanted nothing more than to be like my mom so of course, I wanted to dress like her too. What girl didn’t want to be like her mom at my age?

I had just started discovering how cute boys were at the time, so of course, I wanted to make myself get all dolled up and go all out to be noticed.

I had started going through my closet and I had pulled out a royal blue short-sleeve dress that went down to about my knees. It was one of the new dresses I had bought specifically for school.

I was so excited to finally have a chance to wear it.

It was kind of chilly out, so I decided to put on a pair of my knee-high nylons underneath. I had also just gotten this new pair of black and white heels and I couldn’t wait for all of my friends to see.

I felt a bit more daring this morning, and even though I had none of my own, I snuck into my mom’s room to try my hand at some make-up. Nothing too crazy, just a bit of lipstick, and eye shadow, and a bit of blush. I have to say, I looked pretty mature, and I was second-guessing going out of the house like this, but I felt like taking a huge risk.

I made my way down the stairs and headed to the kitchen to grab some breakfast.  There was plenty of time before I had to catch the bus. My stepdad stood there waiting for me in the kitchen, with a smile on his face, and greeted me with a good morning.

I loved my stepdad, we were super close and got along very well.

My mom usually was at work by the time I was ready for school so he usually sent me off in the mornings. This morning, he kept staring at me, and I just had a feeling he wanted me to change my clothes. I was ready to argue, but that’s not what happened at all.

I had sat down to eat my breakfast when my stepdad decided to take the seat across from me. This was strange because he never sat with me during breakfast. It was like he kept wanting to talk to me but couldn’t get the words out. Am I in trouble? I asked.

Stay tuned for part 2 of my stepdad blog on Thursday. I know you can’t wait to see how naughty I am.  If you can’t wait until then, you can purchase my audio blog!

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