Stepbrother Fantasy: A Tale Of Two Step-Siblings Part 2

I turned my stepbrother fantasy into a reality as I pushed the door open and walked right into his bedroom. There was no turning back now but that didn’t bother me at all.

My stepbrother shot me a stunned look as I stepped into his line of sight. He stammered an apology and demanded to know what I was doing home. “Class got out early today. I wanted to have some quality time with my toy but it looks like you had the same idea. Why are you using it?”

He shifted his gaze uneasily. “You don’t have to stop on my account. I mean, I’m really horny too so maybe we can help each other out,” I said in response to his awkward stammering.

My stepbrother smirked at me and leaned back onto his bed. “What did you have in mind?”

Instead of giving him a verbal response, I stripped off my jean shorts, tank top, bra, and panties. His eyes drank in every inch of my naked body. His stiff cock nearly jumped in excitement.

I crawled up onto his bed and straddled him.

My hand reached for the vibrator. I turned the dial to turn it on high again and rested it on my clit. It instantly got hard. Then I lowered myself just a little bit so that both of us could feel the vibration. He felt it on his tip and I felt it on my clit.

My stepbrother bucked his hips as he grabbed mine. “Don’t be a fucking tease.”

I stuck my tongue out and slowly licked my lips smiling seductively. He didn’t want a tease? Well then maybe I should give him what we both wanted.

I moved my hips forward slightly, lining my pussy up with his cock.

The vibrator was still on my clit. I grabbed my stepbrother’s hand and had him hold the toy in place while I lowered my dripping pussy onto him.

My hips rocked back and forth while he held the toy against my clit. I moaned out his name as my walls convulsed and I came all over him.

He stopped panting long enough to utter a word, “already?” I leaned forward so my hard nipples brushed against his chest. “I told you I was horny.”

My stepbrother let go of the vibrator so he could pull me close. The toy was trapped between us as he pulled up his knees. He thrust into me hard. His cock pounded me from underneath while the toy’s vibration teased my clit.

I buried my face in his neck and moaned loudly.

The bed shook and knocked against the wall because of how hard he was pumping into me. I couldn’t believe how naughty I was being fucking my stepbrother like this.

With one last hard thrust, he shot his load into his stepsister’s pussy.

My eyes opened after I came for the third time. I stared at my ceiling as the fantasy played over and over in my head. It was so hot that I didn’t think I was finished just yet. I think I needed more time with Big Blue.


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