Stepbrother Cream Pie – Step Siblings Share A Bed – NAT – A – 0022 – 7-24-23 – Part 2

You’re sharing a bed with your hot new stepsister, and she’s not even wearing panties! Read on to find out what happens next in this stepbrother cream pie roleplay!

“She must want me,” you think to yourself.

Why else would I get into bed with my stepbrother in such skimpy little pajamas without so much as panties on?! Your hand reaches down to squeeze your cock. It’s hard. Real hard. Maybe that will be enough if you could touch me with it a little, just once. Turning onto your side, you point your cock right at my ass. All you have to do is move just a little closer… Suddenly, I adjust my sleeping position, accidentally pushing my hips & ass right into your boner.

I gasp, and you worry you’ve gone too far.

You start to retract yourself from my body, but I push myself back into you. A gentle moan escapes my lips. I put my hand on yours and push myself back into your cock. Slowly, we begin moving our hips until our bodies find a gentle rhythm together. Before I know it, I’m letting my stepbrother fully dry hump me- and enjoying it. I’m so horny for you too, I move your hand up so you can squeeze and play with my breasts. We spend a long time with you dry-humping me from behind, trying to be as quiet as possible. 

However the longer we fool around, the hornier we both get.

You want to be inside me so bad. If it’s ever going to happen between us, it’s now. Whispering into my ear, you confess your dirtiest desire to me, almost begging to fuck your sister. Hearing your need for me turns me on even more. At first, I don’t say anything: just moan in response to your pleas as we grind together. Then you suddenly grab my hips tight and hold me still as you pump your hips into me. It feels like you’re fucking me, only there’s no cock inside! And I want to feel your cock! I slip off my shorts, and you slide your dick between my legs.

You can feel my juices down my thighs.

You get the tip of your cock lined up with my pussy, then hold me tight as you push your dick deep inside your sister. We moan together as you slowly pump your cock in me. It feels so amazing, and not just physically. I’ve had sex before, but it’s never been this good. There’s just something about letting my stepbrother fuck me that is making this just so much better! Within minutes I’m having my first orgasm and uncontrollably moaning on your cock. You try to hold back your cum, but you know it won’t last much longer. 

After I finish cumming, you say you need to pull out so you can cum too!

But I won’t let you. You pump a massive load into me, cumming harder than you ever have. Fucking your sister was so hot, your cock stays rock hard inside me even after you’ve finished your orgasm. We kiss, and I tell you you’re the best stepbrother I could have hoped for. Hearing this makes you horny all over again, and you tell me you are not done with your sister’s pussy just yet tonight. Our grandparents were right- sharing a bed was exactly what we needed to form a strong, lasting bond as siblings!


I have a passion for writing naughty stories, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. If you enjoyed Part Two of this stepbrother cream pie roleplay and want more, listen to me read my filthy story to you in my sexy voice, and get extra-spicy details in my audio!

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