Us laying in front of the fireplace my Step Brother and I knew how wrong it all was. Yet, I could not control the whimper that escaped at this. Hearing him chuckle behind me I remember who I am with.

“We shouldn’t be doing this.” Barely as the words escaped he leaned down over my back. I felt him press hard against my thigh as his hands each grabbed an ass cheek massaging them in his hands. That’s when he surprises me. His next move made me a goner. He could have been my worst enemy and I’d have still been soaked. Feeling him bite hard on my upper back I clench my thighs tight together. Instinctively lifting my ass in the air more pressing against him. 

He continued to rub my back right after that. I didn’t know if I wanted to beg or run. Beg was definitely winning out. He’d massaged me into a liquid puddle on the floor in front of the fire. Even as my new step brother I knew we shouldn’t be doing this. That didn’t stop the moan of pleasure as I felt him give in grinding against my ass. His hard cock pressing between my cheeks only thin material in the way. 

Groaning his hands stop rubbing me and they slide down and grab the top of my leggings. This would be the time to object or say no. I know this is wrong but I am burning up inside for him and feel like I’m going to go insane if he doesn’t take me. 

Not even saying a word to me he leaned down biting me again as he rubbed his cock up and down against me feeling how wet I was for him. I arch my ass up again and whimper at his teeth in me and needing him to fill me. 

Sliding deep into me his hand comes around and grabs my throat. Thrusting into me I cum almost immediately. When he feels me moving against him trying to take all of him in me and faster he cursed. 

Pulling quickly out of me I start to object when he moves me quickly and effortlessly onto my back. As I look up at him I know how wrong it is yet I spread my legs wide. The fire and TV long forgotten as I felt my step brother slide his huge cock back into me. Wrapping my legs around his waist I make sure he goes as deep as he can in me, cumming again on him as he thrust into me hard and fast. At the feel of my muscles milking him he groans and I feel him filling my pussy up. As he kept thrusting hard and fast I looked up in surprise.

“One more time I need you to cum for me one more time.” At those words I shatter screaming. Spasming I can’t take it and I ride wave after wave of orgasms. When I finally start to come back to reality I barely hear him whisper. 

“Please god tell me you are on birth control.”

Laughing I turn over and lay there limp and happy feeling completely satisfied at how naughty we had been. Telling him yes I was and laughing as I feel his hands start to wonder over me again.

I really hope you enjoyed part2 playing by the fire.  you should purchase my audio where you’ll get to hear all the juicy details.

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