If I hadn’t forgotten to take the turkey out of the oven I would have never ended up naked later that night in front of the fireplace with my Step Brother in me. It all started innocent enough. I had my family coming over for dinner and my dad had recently remarried. After trying to prepare a hazardous family dinner to combine the two families they all realized that would never be how I snagged a man. 

I was good with that as I have many other skills. This was just not one of them I was thinking as smoke filled the kitchen. I was behaving though. Even with him around. My new “family”. More like me new torture. I did not panic, just asked him to please find me another one to cook before the parents showed up. As I rushed to open windows he left saying I’d owe him one. 

A few hours later we were happily sitting down to a decent enough Christmas dinner. After I made sure to build a fire in the fireplace for us to enjoy. 

“Hey I’m crashing here for the night so the newlyweds can get some privacy. Is that ok?” 

Of course I agreed it made perfect sense to me we are family now and all being Step. So we settled down in front of the fire and watched tv. 

As I went to stretch at one point he must have noticed me wince. 

Suddenly I was jumping up as I felt his hands descend on my shoulder putting pressure in all the right places. 

“What are you doing?”

“Hey relax you just look like today has been tense now come sit down and let me help you.”

As long as he didn’t mind, who was I to say no. Maybe this was normal for his side. 

As he slowly dug in I struggled to focus on the show. When his hands went lower down my back I struggled to hold in the moan of pleasure. I couldn’t believe my Step Brother was starting to torture me.

“Hey lay down you have a knot back here that is pretty bad.” 

As I laid down feeling his hands slide over me I heard him curse and then shift. Was I affecting him also? I tried to ignore the heat pooling between my legs as he ran his hands up my shirt. I was barely able to hold back the gasp when he quickly unsnapped my bra. Did my Step Brother really just do that?

 We heard a log fall in the fire and he quickly jumped up to put more on it. His sweat pants showing I wasn’t the only one getting excited. He was hard and I was beyond impressed seeing how big he was. 

Turning my eyes away quickly I laid there waiting for his hands to work on me again. As he returned though his hands slid down my back working his was lower instead of higher. Slowly taking his time making me melt into the floor. 

Right when I didn’t think I could feel even better his hands cupped my ass and started kneading. His fingers digging into my muscles and sliding down my thighs as I struggled not to tense. Right when I felt like I was close to begging for the impossible his hands slid up cupping my heat in his palm.

I really hope you enjoyed part 1 of us playing by the fire. Make sure to come back for part 2 on Sunday to hear if we get dirty. If you just can’t wait until Sunday to hear the conclusion you should purchase my audio where you’ll get to hear all the juicy details.

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