It was a fairly big steam room. She was sitting on a bench leaning her head back, eyes closed with headphones in. Oblivious to anyone else at the gym. Or acting like it. Her muscles glistening in the heat of the room. Instead of being a turn off my mouth watered. I wanted her taste on my tongue. I needed to show her what she did to me. 

I walked over to her and kneeled down. I did not touch her I just kneeled there and bowed my head right in front of her. Feeling her reach out after a few minutes and run a hand over my hair I swallowed and clenched my hands tight so I wouldn’t touch her without permission. The steam was building in the room again and I watched it swirling at her feet until I felt her cup my chin and lift my face. 

As I slowly looked up this glistening body I wanted to beg. Instead, I swallowed hard and looked into her gorgeous eyes. As I looked up at her, all words were lost to me. I couldn’t stop though if I had wanted to. I needed her to quench this thirst only she could fill. As she spread her legs further apart not saying a single word I nearly wept. Leaning my face down slowly I kissed her knee. Pulling away quickly I looked up at her to see her smiling down at me and adjusting that sweet ass lower on the bench. 

Unable to hold back anymore I kiss the front of her panties. Sliding my tongue over them sucking them gently into my mouth. Showing her with my mouth what I couldn’t with words. I felt her leg muscles under my arms as I grabbed her under her knees and brought her closer to my face. Lifting her ass in my hands I used my teeth to pull the thin material of her panties to the side. That’s when I reached heaven. Right as I buried my tongue into this woman I have never spoken a word to. I feel my wetness soaking my own panties. Oh this was my kind of work out Moaning into her pussy I feel her hands tighten in my hair. Burying my tongue into her again and again I feel her start to tug my hair then pull my head closer. 

Sliding my tongue out of her I focused on her clit and sucked and teased it flicking the tip of my tongue over her teasingly. I could feel myself getting close just from her taste filling my mouth. The steam making everything else fade away. Hearing her moans of pleasure and the sharp pain of her pulling my hair I gently sucked her clit into my mouth. Feeling her muscles bunching as she road the pleasure. This gym was amazing.

I couldn’t take it anymore as the steam of the room barely compared to the heat we were building. I leaned her back on the bench and slid two fingers into her heat. God she was amazing I couldn’t take it.  Gently I sucked and nibbled her clit as my tongue flicked over the end of it. When she was right on the edge I curved my fingers hitting her g spot. 

Feeling her arch up and scream her legs squeezing together keeping me tight in place I kept going. Moans of my own pleasure escaping against her. Feeling myself cum just from her orgasm filling my senses. Damn what an amazing way to end a work out.

I really hope you enjoyed part 2. I hope you  you should purchase my audio where you’ll get to hear all the juicy details.

If you like this story you should check out my previous blog. Popsicles can be so delicious!


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