Tonight the steam room would be torturous. As I walked into the locker rooms I knew I was in trouble. There She was again. This goddess in nothing but a sports bra and panties. I knew I must meet her. I was just so shy. As I watched her grab her workout clothes out of the lockers I rushed to do the same. 

I’d been going to this gym for a month now. At first it was all about the work out. Then she caught my attention. The way she lifted and ignored the rest. The way her muscles moved under that gorgeous pale skin of hers. She had this stomach I wanted to run my tongue down. 

I can’t believe I actually got here just in time. I was not trying to be creepy. 

Changing quickly I followed her out to the floor. Watching her stretch and her muscles in her ass tightening I bit down on my lip. I had just moved to this town and it had been a couple months since I had a hot pussy melting in my mouth. This woman had one on fire. It was begging for the heat of my tongue to make her combust. 

As I started jogging on the treadmill to warm up my muscles I felt other areas of me warm up to. Trying to be discreet and yet fighting not to stare, I saw her sit on a weight bench and lay down. Seeing her grasp the bar and her muscles in beautiful display made me have to swallow a moan and quickly look away. I couldn’t wait to see her in the steam room.

Today was going to be the day I couldn’t take it anymore. I had been dreaming of her willing body under mine. I was going to approach her. Thinking of the different possibilities on ways to beg for her to let me taste her I felt myself get steadily more wet. Getting off the treadmill I decide to go work out on the machines across the room for a bit. I needed to let off some of this nervous energy. 

I tried to focus. I truly did but I couldn’t say that everytime I did another rep the image of her bent over and her hot ass in the air didn’t come nagging back to torment me. She was so close I couldn’t take it anymore. I’d caught her watching me more than once. I wish I was braver. Pushing myself a little harder I worked on a plan. 

She always went to the steam room at the end of her workout. It was deserted tonight. I knew there was a chance of getting caught but my pulsing clit was driving me to distraction. Turning my head to where I knew she’d be at I saw her getting up and cleaning off her work area.

Bending over to wipe down her bench a groan escapes from me as I clench my thighs. 

Did she just send a flirtatious look my way? 

There was only one other guy in here tonight and he was lost in his own world. His huge headphones making it obvious he wouldn’t be an issue. 

As she walked out of the room towards the pool and steam rooms I finished my set giving it a couple minutes. Trying to count to a hundred I can’t take it anymore. I quickly cleaned up my area and followed her. 

That’s when I died and went to heaven. As the steam cleared some I saw her. She was only in her panties and sports bra. A sight I was not expecting, but one that sent a shiver down my spine. 

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