Stealing her Innocence, Aria’s Naughty Fairy-tale Part Two

With his cock all lubed up, he took her hips and placed her right over him. She closed her eyes to brace herself, because this was always the worst part of their fun. He tried to go slow, gently pushing himself into her, but it still didn’t help. Because his cock was too big for her tiny inexperienced hole to take without a little pain…

He stretched her open, ripping her little pussy apart until he had her sitting all the way down on him. She was groaning in a mixture of pain and pleasure, trying to adjust to his grown size.

“How long until this wont hurt at first?” She asked.

“You’re still so young yet, it gets better the longer you have been doing it.” He reassured her.

She nodded, and began using small movements, making his cock move in and out of her a few centimeters at a time. He moaned in pleasure, feeling her impossible tightness shifting and squeezing his full length. The tip of his cock slamming against the very back wall of her pussy.

The more she moved, the better she began to feel, illiciting faster and more confident movements. She threw her arms around his neck, and began bouncing on his cock, her moans delicate and angelic just like her body. He took her hips and added his strength, forcing her to come down on his cock with a hard thud.

She became frantic, moaning and squirming.

Until the pleasure became too much for her young body to take. But he kept going, harder and faster. He was slamming her down on his cock with surprising force, as though fucking her like a possessed animal. He was lost inside of her, lost inside of her innocent body. She surrounded him with a wet warmth, taking him in completely as if she was made just for him.

It was her own sexual explosion that drove him over the edge. She was trembling in his arms, her pussy spasming around his throbbing cock when he burst. He plunged balls deep inside of her so that he could shoot his cum straight into her womb. He filled her with his hot seed, cock twitching in ecstasy.

She collapsed against his chest, panting and exhausted. His cock finally going soft while still inside her. He pulled out of her, moving her panties back to cover her up and keep his cum from dripping out. He placed a tender, loving kiss on her lips, wishing her goodnight. She stood up, putting her dress back on, and slipped out of his house to sneak back into her own home.

She paused to peek in to her parent’s room to find them sound asleep. As always, she has gotten away with her grown up fun, with her parents none the wiser…


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