Stealing her Innocence, Aria’s Naughty Fairy-tale Part One

Once upon a time there was a very pure young girl. Until she started spending her days keeping dirty secrets from her parents. Because what they didn’t know was that every night after they fell asleep, she would sneak out and go to the neighbors’ house.

She always made sure she was wearing something easy to take off, like a cute little sundress or shorts with no panties. The neighbor had trained her well. Every night like clockwork she tip toed across the backyards, and slid in through the sliding glass door.

That is where he would be waiting. Sitting on the couch in nothing but his boxers and a white wife beater, he would be expecting her. She would close the glass door behind her and walk over to sit on his lap. It was their nightly routine after all.

He would pull her in for a kiss, holding her tiny little body against his big strong one. The difference of their size was a major turn on, how fragile she felt in his arms. He was the one who had taken her innocence, and now she was all his.

She was getting so good at kissing…

using her tongue to explore his mouth. He placed his hands on her small waist, and moved her until she straddled his lap. She could feel the hard press of his arousal chafing against his boxers and her snow white panties.

While her innocence may be gone, he liked her to look the part. So she looked up at him coyly, her big blue doe eyes looking at him adoringly. She trusted him completely. That just made his cock harden further.

He pulled her sundress up and over her head, exposing her bare body save for the white cotton panties. Her chest flat and under developed, but still soft with rosy pink nipples that puckered against the chilly air. He took one of her nipples in his mouth and sucked, causing her petite frame to shudder with the still new sensation. The thought of stealing her innocence ran through his mind over and over.

She knew enough from the last couple weeks that this was her queue to use those delicate little hands of hers to pull his cock from his boxers. It took both of her hands to wrap around his girth fully, and she did as she was taught. Moving her hands up and down on his shaft caused him to growl in pleasure, then switch from one nipple to the other.

The young girl was starting to feel flushed, an onslaught of tingles coursing between her legs. She whimpered and whined, and he knew exactly what she wanted. He pushed her panties to the side, exposing her barely there slit.

She grew excited.

She knew what was next, she ran the head of his cock up and down the small length. Her body knew hat to do, because she started dripping on his head, getting him wet and ready for what was about to happen next…


Enjoyed part one of my story? Come back on Sunday to read part two of Stealing her Innocence, Aria’s Naughty Fairy-tale! If you want the full, unedited, explicit story, check out my audio… Or you can check out my oral sex blog here!



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