Squirting, the First Time I Made a Puddle on My Bed – Part 2

Every time I got too into the feeling of him inside me and let the toy slip he’d abruptly stop until I replaced it. He wanted me to squirt all over him and that’s exactly what he got. When my legs stopped tensing and releasing from the orgasm they fell to the bed and continued shaking. 

I didn’t even realize it was possible to have every nerve ending in my body tingle like that. Barely able to feel my fingers or toes, my entire body felt so heavy, I was in a complete state of euphoria. Momentarily I forgot where I was until he started pumping his cock back in and out of me slowly. 

“Oh….no….. I don’t think I can handle any more!” I gasped as the tingles turned back into sparks. 

Ignoring me he kept pressing into me. Moving his hips just right so his cock head was rubbing directly over my g-spot. He grabbed the toy touching it directly to that spot on my clit that made my hips jump. 

“Oh My Fucking God!!!!!!” I screamed out. “Oh, fuck…. No, no, no, no! Please!!! I don’t think I can!” I begged him.

Abruptly he stopped and my body lifted off the bed, squirming as it instantly yearned for more.

“Oh, God! Don’t stop! Fuck! Ok, I lied, I need more! Please, don’t stop baby! It feels so fucking good!” 

I was lifting my hips up into him reaching for his cock trying to guide it back into me. The ache from him stopping left me feeling a certain need I had never felt before. Nothing had ever brought the kind of pleasure that the head of his cock caressing my g-spot as he gently grazed the toy back and forth and around my clit did. Pure ecstasy! 

Suddenly I noticed his balls were no longer slapping against my ass and knew he was close to cumming. Feeling as he hardened inside me I started talking dirty to him. Hearing his grunts and gasps as he kept fucking me just drove me even more insane. Wanting to cum again and knowing he was after the same thing I started talking dirty to him.

“Oh My God Baby! Your cock is so fucking hard! It feels better than anything I’ve ever felt before!” 

Urging him on, knowing he gets off more knowing how much I’m enjoying it I continue.

“Please baby! I want to feel you explode inside me so bad! Fill me with your cum! Please?!?!?!” 

Knowing as soon as he shoots his warm load inside me I’m going to explode again I direct the toy to the spot on my clit that is aching for it most. My back arches and my hips lift into him. Pussy clenching tight, I can feel the beginning of the orgasm start to ripple through me.

“Fuck baby, please!!! Fuck me hard! I want to feel you explode inside me! Make me cum again, shoot all that baby batter into me! Please!” I’m begging and screaming.

My legs over his shoulders I lift my ass higher feeling him bury himself even deeper inside me. He hits that spot that takes away all control and my hips are bucking and grinding into him. Feeling myself squeeze around him I’m crying out again.

“Oh! Oh! Oh, fuck yes! Fuck baby…. Don’t stop…. Please don’t stop! Oh my God, I’m Cumming!!!!!”

Suddenly he slams into me hard and deep and I feel his cock pulsate, finally filling me as I had begged for. My pussy clenches tight around him, then, with my orgasm, it releases and my juices are spraying out around him. As my fountain becomes a trickle I feel his legs give out and he collapses on top of me panting. 

Oh, the mess we’ve made, eventually I’ll be irritated having to clean it up, but at the moment all I can think of is how amazing the weight of him feels on top of me. All I can feel is my nerve endings continuing to shoot off sparks. The pure pleasure of the most amazing orgasm I had ever experienced in my life.

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