Squirting, the First Time I Made a Puddle on My Bed – Part 1

I had been sexually active for some time already when I realized that I could squirt. The first time it happened scared the crap out of me. I thought I had pissed the bed, but the orgasm was so amazing I honestly didn’t even care at first. However, at that time I was on an air mattress at the house of the guy I was dating. Which, thankfully, was much easier to clean up than a regular mattress.

Did you know most air mattresses are water-resistant? Neither did I, although it makes sense, luckily though, it came in handy for a very different reason than intended this time, thankfully. Especially because I was so embarrassed and had no idea how to explain it to my boyfriend at the time. I didn’t even know what had happened exactly. 

I’d gotten a new toy at a sex toy party that a friend of mine had. My boyfriend was at work and I was horny, so I decided to try it out.  It was the first time I had ever owned a bullet or any kind of toy specifically for my clit. 

Starting off on low, being my first time and all, I touched it to my clit and my hips jump off the bed.

Dragging it back and forth from the hood of my clit down to make circles around my clenched, aching hole. I slowly turn the power up a little at a time. Gradually getting used to it I crave that jump. Pulling it off for a minute I use my fingers to spread pussy juices up and over my clit. 

Pushing the ears of the silicone rabbit just barely inside me I grind my hips into it. Yearning to feel it graze over my g-spot but it can’t quite get there. My hips drop back to the bed and I pull the toy out so I can run it over my tingling pussy lips. Turning the power up a little more I touch it back to my clit. This time when my hips lift from the bed I hold it right against my clit for a little longer. I revel in the tingles shooting through my body. 

With my back arching, I moan loudly and have to remind myself there are neighbors and I need to be quieter. When the guy I was dating came home I had the mess all cleaned up. I never planned on telling him anything, but I was still so shocked and confused that I had to. He immediately got extremely excited and started kissing and playing with me. 

Asking where the toy was he climbed on top of me, slowly working his cock over my g-spot and the toy over my clit.

I don’t even think it took 5 minutes of him fucking me and playing with my clit with that toy before I was screaming. Feeling his cock inside me at the same time as he used the vibrator on me was the best possible feeling I could ever have imagined. My back lifted up off the bed and my hips began bucking and twisting up to feel his cock. It made the toy work my pussy even more intensely.

Just like that he could feel the pressure and pulled out of me, immediately I started squirting everywhere. It was like a hose when you put your thumb over the end. You don’t have much control over where the spray goes. Initially as his cock started sliding out of me it was a slow leak. Though, as he pulled out further the pressure got stronger until I was blasting him like a firehose at the end. 

He was completely drenched as if he had just taken a shower. I’m pretty sure the only dry thing left on him was his head. That was only because he was on his knees between my legs so it was too high for the stream to reach. My legs had been up on his shoulders still spread wide with the toy between them massaging my clit.

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