Squirting- You Make Me Gush When You Call Me And Say That

Where was  I?

Oh yes, the start of my orgasm. I am putting in the work to squirt and gush for you, lover. Together with you, I love how good it feels to cum hard and leave a big mess on my bed. At this moment you start to tell me how good it feels to have your hand on your cock, pretending it was my mouth. Thus, my body starts to go into overdrive, listening to your intonation change. In addition to your words and the change in your voice, my hand begins to work a little faster. I picture us, and share this with you, in a 69 position. Of course, my need to cum intensifies.

As a matter of fact, my breath hitches, my body shakes, and I cum again.

And still, it was not a gushing orgasm. At this moment, you tell me how badly you want me to wet my bed. Thus, you start to describe how you would make me lay on my back, placing yourself perfectly between my thighs. And you line up your thick head right at my wet opening and look me dead in the eyes as you slide it in slowly.  I start to arch my back and attempt to take in every inch of you. Your manhood throbbing and filling me up wall to wall. Not to mention how much you stretch me out when you fuck me in this position.

Your hands against mine, and pin me down to the bed. At this moment, you start to thrust harder and deeper into me. And as I picture this, hearing you begin to moan between words, my middle and ring fingers deep inside me I start to set myself over the edge. Robustly fingering myself, hearing you moan in my ear, and picturing us together was just the combination I need, my cum trickling out at first.

You tell me how you are going to thrust every rope of your seed deep in me.

The cumslut in me gets giddy, and the pace of my fingers intensifies. Thus, my pussy begins to quiver around my fingers, my moans becoming louder. At this moment, I curl my fingers up and inside reaching for my little button on the inside, two fingers on my right hand are circling my clit with so much passion and rage to gush for you. And my body wanting to squirt is at its peak! I hear you cum! Your grunts and growl send me over my cliff.

My muscles inside my pussy clamp down around my fingers, I feel my wetness rush and burst out of me. And I spray Mackenzie flavor juice all down my arm, all on my bed, and some even hit me on the chin.

Oh my goodness, was that just perfect!!

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If you really liked this part of the story, you should go back and read Part One.  

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Cum play with Kenzie!!

You know you want to. 

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