Squirting- You Make Me Gush When You Call Me And Say That

When you call and I hear your voice, and my pussy beings to drip and swell. And you have taught me that I can squirt on my own. Something, that I never saw happening. But, love knowing about myself. You see, I know I can squirt when with someone- but never have I been able to squirt when solo. 

Thus, I have been working on making sure I am hydrated for when you call. I also have my toys, if you request me to use them right by my side. Also, recently I have been watching more porn and playing when I am not working here at the Temple so I can get better at it. I love how much it turns you on to make me cum. I love to make you cum baby, so I know exactly what you are feeling when I do it for you.

The anticipation is the worst, waiting to hear from you.

My phone is ringing, and I smirk as I answer. There you are!!! At this moment, my nipples harden, my breath changes, and instantly I am flush. How do you do this to me? I can hear in your voice a change as well. At this moment, I can hear you are smiling ear to ear, a hitch in your breath, and there is an eager tone to your voice. Our playtime organically evolves every call, and it amazes me still.

You describe to me how you would start at my ankles, and work your way up to my thighs. Because of your description, I can almost feel your hot breath on me. My hand wanders down to meet where I think you would be on my body. Thus, it is almost as if you are touching me. I feel my index finger start to circle my clit, as if it was your tongue. Coupled with your voice in my ear, and my firm pressure I start to arch my back. It as if electricity is flowing through me from my spine down to my toes.

Equally important, I can hear the rhythmic tone in your voice change.

My finger dips into my sweet wetness, and I begin to feel myself tighten up. You tell me how sexy I sound. As a result of this combination, I start to moan and buck my hips. Thus, my pussy starts to clamp around my finger. “Ohhh myyyy goooodddnnneeesss,” I exclaim. But this is not more than a simple run-of-the-mill orgasm for me.


To be continued ……

But if you are dying to hear how this ends well, then buy the audio and enjoy me telling you and cumming in your ear. 

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Cum play with Kenzie!!

You know you want to.

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