My Squid Game Sex Story will leave you curious and in need to find out what’s going to happen next! So keep reading and find the new fucked up situation I would just love to put you in! 

All of you are at my mercy as I tease and torment you! So, if you’ve been reading, you know that I would love to host a real-life Squid Games, but the dirty raunchy sex edition!  However, there are many different ways to accomplish this! 

I have put a lot of thought into how many different ways I could incorporate the Squid Game and red light green light into SEXY TIME! 

One of the favorite thoughts I’ve had was actually stroking it to red light green light! Then each time you didn’t listen you’d get a drop of super spicy hot sauce added to your cock! Have you ever had hot sauce applied to your cock??


There’s really no way to describe how it feels when you literally set your dick on fire with hot sauce! It’s the most insane feeling that will most likely make you cum harder than you have in a very long time! However, the more you add the worse it will get as we advance our Squid Game Sex Story even further! 

I love the idea of doing sick twisted stuff during sex! Like actually making a guy earn his orgasm with how scared he gets! Could you imagine cumming while your heart is racing with how scared you are! There are many other options besides just hot sauce too! 

The squid games seemed very versatile and I would love to adapt that into some of the sex games I partake in, in the near future! Maybe even have a group of guys and if they don’t pass “tests” given to them they are eliminated! 

Like the first one to cum in a certain situation is removed from the possibility of being with me in our naughty Squid Game! 

Could you imagine how amazing it would feel to be in such an epic adventure? Not knowing what’s about to happen but vying for the ability to be with me, driving you to be the best! There would be no turning back!

Just the most epic Game Ever! 

I love all of the new adventures and possibilities coming to the forefront this year! The ideas just keep coming in with naughty things we can do to each other!

It’s time to embrace how kinky the world has gotten! To explore each other and learn even more about ourselves as we discover new fetishes and scenarios that intrigue us! 

Let’s play and see just how naughty we can get during our very own Squid Game! 

Come play, boys. 



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