Could you imagine the thrill of being in something like the Squid Game? If you haven’t already seen the show on Netflix, I highly recommend watching it! It’s one of the most fucked up amazing shows I’ve seen in quite some time! If you haven’t watched it, email me and let me know and maybe we can have a private Squid Game Watch Party!!

I have been so in love with this Holiday Season, there’s no better time to write a Squid Game Sex Story! 

So for those of you who haven’t seen it, I will tell you a little about the story and what goes on in the movie Squid Game, so if you hate spoilers skip the next two paragraphs of the story! Now, if you’re still here, I’ll get on with the story! You see this movie actually involves some of my favorite things, Hostage Scenarios, and super fucked up sadistic actions! Those of you who have been on a cbt call know just how Sadistic I like things to get! 

The Squid Game movie starts out where people owing money have entered into an arena where they are competing against each other to win money. From there they play different games where the eliminated people get murdered. But that’s not even the best part, the best part is the first game. Which is Red Light Green Light! 

Could you imagine if you were teamed up with partners and had to play a sex game? Where the outcome could actually be fatal? If you didn’t win that is! 

Just think of it, you’re trapped in a building with tons of other people, all ready to do whatever it takes to win the game. And as you look around, none of you really have an idea of what’s going on. Then the doors open and you’re led out of the confined space, moved to the Arena. 

So again, this is my version of the game! So, in the traditional Squid Game, they walked out into a dirt arena.

However in my Squid Game Sex Story, you will be led into a dark chamber lit with red lights, and beds peppering the floor just mere inches apart. 

This is where the fun exciting and super scary part of this Squid Game Sex Story will take place! You see, the rules are simple… When it’s green light… You can move, Red Light… You can’t. 

I’m sure some of you have played this game in your youth, however now we are bringing our very own sexy sadistic version of the game to play! Just think if you had to fuck until the scary doll in the front of the room told you that you could stop! 

THEN once you’ve stopped you see someone else around you move a little bit and the next thing you know they aren’t with us anymore!

Do you have the willpower to stay still while a Death Doll looks for you to simply move while you’re being forced to do the deed?

Come play, boys. 



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