Squeeze tight, Aria begs to be choked part two

Finally you comply to my deepest desires and plunge your cock inside of my eager and dripping wet pussy. But I don’t get the satisfaction of that first pleasure filled gasp. Why? Because you have your hands around my tender neck and you squeeze tight.

All my air is cut off both in and out. But that doesn’t remain true for long, because you start moving your hips above me. Slow and teasing, making it so that my instinct pushes me to try and whimper. But if I do, I lose precious air.

That shit eating grin spreads across your face again as you watch me struggle. But with each passing moment of not being able to breathe, I throb. My whole core throbs in tune with my heartbeat and your steel rod of torturous pleasure is like fuel for the flame.

My nipples pebble to sensitive nubs, my pussy slickens to a near embarrassing degree, and I’m melting into a puddle of pure desire beneath you. I’m yours, all yours. You could do anything to me at this point, and I’ll get off on it.

This is the side of me that you love.

Your willing little sex doll that is up for anything and everything. Go on, squeeze my throat, cut off my air, pound my pussy until I pass out. You’ve learned that I have no limits when it comes to sex.

My body is yours, and you could pound my pussy into oblivion and I’ll cum harder than a fire-hose on an arson case. So you go hard, cutting off both my air and my blood supply to my brain. Not only that, but you start thrusting harder and deeper than before. My wet sloshing pussy just eggs you on and you can’t help yourself.

The moment my pussy clamps on your cock and you feel my body spasm, you dump your seed in me. I’m a vessel for your cum, ready and always willing for you to fill me up.

You release my throat and you hear my audible gasp for air. But For me, everything goes black, and I pass out with a contented smile on my face.

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