I met Taylor on a Saturday afternoon on a walking trail, so I knew he loved nature. It didn’t take us very long to realize that we were soulmates. It also didn’t take us very long to realize that we had a lot of chemistry. I loved his spontaneity, and his childish nature. We had gone on dates, had dinner and went to the movies. It was all very casual, until he dropped me off one night, kissed me at the door and whispered in my ear. “Have we dated long enough to fuck yet?”, He snickered.

He also yelled as he ran back to his car, “I’m gonna see your boobies!”

It was very mature of him, honestly though, that’s the sense of humor that I really loved about him. I almost checked to see if my panties had fallen off right then. I definitely felt something going on down there! Kicking my shoes off and instead of hopping on the couch to watch TV, I went straight to my room, took off all my clothes and jumped in bed. I ran my hands all over my body, wishing that they were Taylor’s. I pinched my nipples and pulled on them, sucked on my fingers, then slid them between my legs. Yep, I was right, something was going on down there! My pussy was drenched my fingers as they slid around easily and quickly. This wasn’t going to be a long drawn out orgasm. All I could think about was Taylor, his body naked next to mine, holding me, touching me, and fucking me. My fingers were now darting in and out of my tight little wet hole.  I came so quickly, I had squirted all they way to the end of my bed. After I cleaned up, I drifted off to sleep, hoping I would dream about Taylor.

I had a dream that we were having Springtime Outdoor Sex in a meadow.

Taylor was singing a silly song about us making love for the first Time. I couldn’t help but giggle. I also couldn’t help but wonder was I about to have magical spring time outdoor sex? Was this going to be were Taylor and I had sex for the first time? It made my nipples rock hard and yes, I felt something down there again! And I liked it a lot. In my vision of this experience there were little birdies chirping, flying around us and squirrels and rabbits, and all kinds of cute woodland creatures watching us fuck. This little sleeping beauty was having herself one X-rated dream, and I must say that if dreams come true, and Prince, charming’s cock is the nine full inches in real life, then I am going to be one. Happy camper!

Come back on Wednesday for part two! if you can’t wait that long, then you can listen to my Audio Version of my entire story as told, by ME!

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