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My legs were wrapped around his waist as I kissed his neck.

As he knelt cock throbbing between my thighs, I felt a soft quilt under my back. He continued to kiss my sweet skin until he rolled me onto my stomach. His lips kissed lower and lower. My tight little cunt began to throb as butterflies filled my stomach. As I looked up and into the distance, Steve locked eyes with me, just watching.

He was about 25 yards away, stroking his cock under an umbrella.

This caused me to moan out just as my island boy kissed my inner thigh. He untied my bottoms, and I felt his tongue reach my clit and lick up to my asshole. My ass was poking up as he spread my pussy lips apart with his thumbs and explored every inch of my tight little hole with his tongue.

My fingers gripped the quilt as I shoved my face deep into it, trying to muffle the moaning.

I couldn’t take it much longer. I begged the man to let me cum. Just as I did, I felt a massive throbbing cock split my tiny tight opening. His cock was so massive that I could feel it fill my hips as it throbbed. When he entered my cunt, his cock had doubled in size and was now reaching my stomach. Each and every stroke caused my cunt to convulse.

As I clenched down on his cock for a second time, I felt the island boy’s breath on my neck.

To my surprise, he whispered, “Is that him?” Mr. Island boy was more brilliant than he looked and had seen me with Steve at breakfast that morning without my knowledge. My eyes darted up and diagonal to the umbrella and chair. Steve sat stroking his lonely cock, watching my every move. I giggled while continuing to moan louder and pushing back into him.

My sexy island boy understood and confirmed with a few deep strokes.

He nibbled on my neck, shoving his cock even deeper than before. His arm slid around the front of my chest and directly up my neck. He turned my head, forcing me to stare directly at Steve’s face. My body tightened up, and we exploded simultaneously. He kept stroking deeper and deeper, ensuring he left every drop inside me.

“Now be a good girl and hold it in until you make your man watch as it drips out.”

My instructions were clear, and I was certainly not going to disobey my island boy. As I scurried to get dressed, he walked back toward the resort bar. He passed Steve along the way, letting a grin slide across his face. Soon, I was making my way in that direction, realizing halfway that Mr. Island boy was still watching my every move from the bar.

Steve followed me down the path to our private cabana, where I informed him of a little more work.

He was instructed to clean up every single drop of cum, after I let it empty onto his face. Every drop of cum was cleaned from my tight little cunt without hesitation. Good thing, because Mr. Island boy came knocking on our door a little later.

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