SPRING BREAK! March and April have to be two of my favorite months because usually one of them contains a week-long holiday. One of my absolute favorite trips was to the Bahamas, sponsored by this old fuck named Steve and paid for with a Spring Break Cuckold with the help of my island stud. I had a class with his little good girl daughter, and as a result, we met at their golf club.

He was very well off, but his cock couldn’t keep up if you can’t already guessed.

The private jet was beautiful, but I was already bored when we landed. Poor guy would get limp 5 minutes in unless he was watching my tight little cunt get stretched by a rock-hard stud. Thankfully there was tons of nightlife and a pretty black credit card just for me. Steve showed me off to all of the highest rollers, and I decided to play a little game.

Who else could I fuck this week?

I needed entertainment in my life, so my search began. There were plenty of 10/10 choices, but no one caught my eye, not due to lack of trying. Well, there was one, maybe. An island boy had caught my eye, and it looked like he had been sun-kissed by the Gods. Unfortunately, neither of us was alone long enough to give each other a second glance.

After a long night of partying, I returned to the room and passed out.

The following day, we all got breakfast and headed to the beach. It was almost noon, and the sun was already bearing down on my skin. After only a few minutes, the ocean called my name. The water felt cool as the waves washed up against my soft skin. I stood in the surf and played in the waves.

Unexpectedly, I saw the island boy walking down from the resort bar.

The salt left tiny particles sprinkled across my body, and I felt goosebumps run down my spine; he smiled and waved me towards him. Slowly as if the world was watching, I walked out of the ocean and just up the sand. Our eyes locked, and butterflies swarmed my stomach. As the salty water dripped from my glistening body, I could feel his fingertips glide across my skin.

The warm sun had caused my skin to become extra sensitive, obviously preparing me for what was about to cum next.

This man’s sun-kissed skin drew me in as my mind fell into a trance. His hand brushed through his wavy hair; subsequently, a dirty little grin appeared across his face. His lips were soft, with just the slightest taste of salt from the ocean. Bits of sand were sprinkled across his skin, and they sparkled in the beating sun.

Consequently, Steve was watching from a distance.

The immense feeling was undeniable, and pure instinct took over. Nevertheless, my body wanted this man; it craved him inside me. As his fingers gently grasped my hips, he pulled me in closer. His golden eyes began to draw me in, and without hesitation, our lips met. He released the slightest moan from his lips as he embraced my body with both of his hands.

His strength was admirable as he picked me up like a bit of a rag doll, proceeding to carry me farther up the beach.


Clearly, you nasty boys and girls enjoyed reading part one of my Spring Break Cuckold. Cum back on Friday to read part two! You can purchase my naughty audio blog if you are as kinky as me and can’t wait. Don’t forget I am starting to build my collection, so check out another one of my sexy adventures.

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