Spanking Fetish – I Anger My Stepdad So He’ll Spank Me Part 2

My bare ass is ready for my spanking and your hand twitches as you stare at it. I can’t contain my smile, but you can’t see it.

You raise your hand up and snap your wrist as you swing it down to connect with my bare skin. The sound is exhilarating and the sudden impact makes my entire body shudder.

As your hand makes contact with my ass, I can feel your cock twitch under my belly. I take in a deep breath as you spank me again and again. My ass tingles and I can feel it getting so very hot. Between my legs feels so wet and I can smell my sweet juices. You can, too, I know it.

You keep switching cheeks as you spank me. In between smacks, you caress my butt gently with your fingertips. That sends shockwaves up my spine and to my pussy. Your fingers caress me now, sliding all over my ass and upper legs.

Maybe your hand slips or maybe you did it on purpose, but your fingers find their way between my legs. You murmur an apology, but you can feel my excitement. I can feel yours, too. Your cock is now throbbing and we both know you can’t help yourself.

So, I push my ass up just enough to make my legs spread so that you can move your fingers in deeper to explore my pussy. I murmur a plea for your touch and you accept wordlessly. As soon as your fingers touch my lips I push myself backward, making your fingers slip inside my tight wet pussy.

Without thinking, you slide another finger inside my pussy and start to finger fuck me.

I moan and groan, but you want more. With your other hand, you give my ass another hard slap. You spank me harder and harder and match your finger fucking with the whacks.

I toss my head back and call out your name as I cum all over your fingers. That’s when you lose all control. You lace the fingers of your free hand in my hair and pull me to my feet. The fingers of your other hand are still inside of me gently massaging my g spot.

Leading me over to the side of the couch, you push my upper body over the arm. My ass is in just the right position and you stare at the handprints you made there.

I can hear you unzip your pants.

You order me to beg for your cock. Obediently, I plead for it. I want it so badly. You murmur a “good girl” before you slam it deep inside me.

It goes in easily and all the way, balls deep. As you thrust in and out of my tight pussy, your hand comes down and spanks my ass yet again. My butt hurts but it feels so good, especially with your cock rubbing up against my g spot with every thrust.

I arch my back and I cum. My pussy clenches so tightly around your cock that you can’t help but cum too.

Needless to say, we both agree not to tell Mom. But, I’m sure we’ll do that again. It’s our little secret.

So, tell me about your spanking fetish and let’s role-play together.


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Share your fantasy with me so that I can bring it to life!




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