Spanking Fetish – I Anger My Stepdad So He’ll Spank Me Part 1

I love to get spanked and the harder the better. You could say I have a spanking fetish. That tingle on my ass feels so good. And, when I look in the mirror and see that handprint it makes my pussy wet. Well, almost as much as when I actually get the spanking itself.

Let’s set the scene, shall we?

You’re my stepdad and we’re alone for the evening. Mom is working and she won’t be back until very late. I’m getting on your last nerve dressing in barely anything at all. My shirt is too lowcut and it shows off my belly. Clearly, my shorts are too short. You can see my tight ass every time I bend down. And, you have the suspicion that I’m not wearing any panties, but you can’t be sure.

So, you’re trying to put me out of your thoughts as you watch tv or do some housework. I can tell you’ve been staring at me and I like the attention. So, when you ask me to clean up the living room I give you some major attitude. I like it when you’re mad and I’m trying to get you to touch me.

When I was little, you would spank me if I misbehaved. It’s been a very long time since you last did because I’m so grown now. Well, kind of. Grown enough for you to think that I don’t need spankings anymore at least. How wrong you are.

You throw the sponge onto the counter after I blatantly told you to go fuck yourself. “Okay young lady. I’ve had enough of your foul mouth. Now, I said get into the living room and help me clean up before your mother gets home.”

“And I said go fuck yourself.” I have a sneer on my face as I say this.

Your eyes flare with anger.

It only takes you three paces to get to me. Once you do, you grab my wrist and pull me over to the couch. After you sit down, you pull me across your lap. My ass is positioned almost center with your body with my ass just to the right of your crotch.

In one motion, you reach under me and unfasten my button. Using your hand, you tug on the side of my jean shorts and my zipper slides down. Then, you grab the back of my shorts and yank them down and off my ass.

Just as you suspected, I’m not wearing any panties and my bare ass is firm and lifted. It looks so perfect and you can’t wait to get your hands on it. What was once anger is now erotic desire. You want to spank me not just because you’re mad, but because you want to see my ass turn red under your touch. I want that too, but I’m not telling you that just yet. You don’t know it yet, but my pussy is getting wet with anticipation. And, your cock is pulsing but not hard.

Soon we will both get what we want.


To Be Continued…


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