Alien Encounters in the Dark, Night Walk Gone Wrong, Part 1

The darkness felt calm and still.

It was why I took these walks, here, alone, in the middle of the night. I’d bundled up for the cold. Even so, I could feel my nipples stiffen against my bra. At least no one else was out here to see. Katy Perry’s Alien poured through my headphones. The streetlights spotlighted each exhale, a tiny cloud dancing in the dark. Far off I could hear cars, though the street next to me was empty. Even so, the stoplights switched from red to green on a schedule. Pedestrian crossing lights switched in time with the stoplight. It was as if a sea of ghosts were walking the empty streets with me.

My fingers were freezing. I shoved my hands into the pockets of my jacket and wished my pants pockets could do more than hold three-quarters of my phone. The cord of my headphones bumped against my sweater with every step.

Suddenly the music pumping through froze, and all I could hear was static. But then just as quickly my music came back and the static disappeared.

A couple blocks down I could see headlights coming towards me, and heard the rev of an engine. The black shape zipped past me and I could smell rubber burning. As the cloud of exhaust started to dissipate I realized there was a fog descending.

My tiny dark world became even smaller as the fog lowered the visibility.

A few minutes ago I could easily see the shapes of the slumbering houses, now all I could see was mist. Tiny dewdrops condensed onto my exposed face as I shivered. I could just see the concrete under my feet as the mist swirled through the air. It was beautiful, and somehow slightly alarming.

I was pretty sure I was still walking toward the park as I took small steps, trying to make sure I didn’t fall off the curb or wander into someones’ yard. The headphones still jostled as I walked, though after a few more steps I noticed static behind my music. It was getting louder. Pulling my phone out of my pocket and I realized I was down to twenty percent battery power left, even though it had been fully charged when I left my house fifteen minutes beforehand.

I frowned as I looked at it, and stopped.

Unplugging the headphones and I waited a moment while I stood there before plugging it back in. This time there was no music, only static. Looking back to my phone I pulled the headphones out again. A ten percent battery warning popped up, and before I could even tap to dismiss it the screen darkened, a small moving circle telling me my phone was shutting down.

This was weird. Without the music, I should be able to hear the sounds of a sleeping town. Instead, there was static. Quiet at first, then building in intensity until it felt like my head was going to explode. Huge lights overhead turned on, all at once, all locked onto me.

I could see the mist swirling as I dropped to my knees, hands covering my ears and closing my eyes as the lights grew brighter and brighter. Taking a breath in I could feel the fog on my face and I screamed.

It felt like I was being pinched, and then everything was silent and calm.

I froze for a minute before opening my eyes. The floor I was on was definitely not concrete. Looking around the brightly lit room, I couldn’t see any doors or windows. My mind raced. There was something in the center of the room.

I stood and saw it was a t-shaped metal table, and I blinked before rubbing my eyes. This couldn’t be real, could it? What were the chances I had actually been abducted in an alien spaceship.

The static was humming quietly in the background. I closed my eyes again. “This isn’t real,” I told myself. “This isn’t real, you’re just at the park, that’s where I am…” A croaking noise startled me. I froze and peaked between my fingers.  Though I couldn’t see anyone or anything I heard it again, but it was changing.

Soon an almost human voice was speaking words I could understand.

“…and welcome to the Star Fleet Exploration vessel, Nordic Voyager XEC! You have been selected to…” the voice became garbled, “…quite an honor in Star Fleet Society. Do not worry! Our cataloging process has been perfected to ensure all who enter are able to return to their world with minimal disruption to physical, mental, and sexual processes. We thank you for your contribution! Hello, and welcome to the Drovian Star Fleet Exploration vessel, Nordic Voyager XEC!” The alien voice continued, repeating the same information.

Minimal disruption my ass. Adrenaline was pumping into my system now and I could feel my sympathetic nervous system kicking into gear. I started to sweat. Quickly now I walked with my hands against the wall, walking the perimeter of the room.

Everything was smooth and solid.

I couldn’t find a way out. And soon, I started banging against the walls, panic beginning to consume my mind. Suddenly the voice stopped, and I froze before I frantically looked around the room.

“Your technician will be with you shortly. We will be adding Authelas gas to the air.”

My fist hit the walls, again and again. Two strange, alien, beeps sounded, and then something light, almost floral-scented, filled the air. I noticed my breathing was slowing, the sweat cooling my skin, and I shivered despite myself. I sat down, feeling my muscles relaxing despite the terror in my mind. And soon darkness filled my vision as I passed out on the floor.

I hope you’re enjoying this week’s blog, and if you’re interested in some more sci-fi and fantasy adventures check out my friend Aria’s Erotic Fairy Tale here. And If you can’t wait for part two you can buy the audio version of the whole story here.

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