Alien Encounters in the Dark, Night Walk Gone Wrong, Part 2

The next thing I knew I was laying on my back on top of something cool. I blinked, looking at the soft glow of the ceiling. Everything looked a little fuzzy, and from my peripheral vision saw movement. My vision cleared and I could see something tall and white-haired. Aliens. Their movement smooth and precise. I swallowed and realized my naked skin touched whatever I was resting on.

She’s awake.

The thought was strange in my mind, like someone whispering all throughout my head. It wasn’t a dream. My own thought sounded so different, and even though for a moment everything was silent I could feel them there. The air in the room still seemed faintly sweet. I tried to tighten my fists, to sit up. But I couldn’t move an inch.

My eyes widened as static started in the back of my mind.

Relax, the not-my thought popped up just above the static. The beings in the room moved back.

There was a table. I pictured it in my mind, smooth and shiny. Just a few minutes ago I’d been walking to the park. Was I going crazy? 

The static crackled in the back of my mind. There was something at the end of my arm.

It was cool and firm, and as it touched my fingertips tears began pouring from my eyes.

Hello Claire. Please relax. Our cataloging procedure is simple and relatively quick. The voice that was not my own popped up above the static.

I could see a face, I realized. A long, beautiful, symmetrical face. Aliens. Dark almond eyes looked back at me, and I could feel my terror fading. Long, delicate, fingers were pressing against the skin of my arms, manipulating my joints as I watched the way these beings moved.

I noticed through the static I could hear voices rumbling, numbers popped in and out of my head. Four, varying in…a single saddle joint for grasping. 

They were gentle as their long fingers probed and massaged my arms.

I wasn’t afraid anymore, and as I lay there I noticed my nipples hardening in the cool air. One of the beings noticed, bringing a hand to my breast to examine the changes to my nipple and areola. While the hands and skin of these aliens were cool I could feel the heat rising on my skin as those fingers touched, and massaged, and pinched my breasts and nipples.

I moaned as I realized my arms felt warm everywhere those fingers had made contact. Every nerve in my body felt almost painfully awake.

Somewhere in the static, they mumbled about pupillary response and changes to my breathing as I felt heat stirring between my thighs. Another face appeared over my own, and I watched as those beautiful long fingers descended, making contact with my face. My mind quieted, my whole body so focused on any point of contact.

One delicate nail and fingertip nudged my lips, and I found myself able to move if only a little.

Opening my mouth for that finger as my eyes locked on the dark eyes above me. I felt safe, and deep in my mind, I could feel an intense curiosity. It wasn’t entirely my own or theirs, I realized. Part of me wanted to know more.

The cool finger moved along my gums and my teeth before gently feeling the roof of my mouth, and while it was a little awkward I allowed it to slip even further in. A hand touched my temple, melting away the discomfort in my mouth. A tiny part of me, somewhere far away, was screaming for me to run. But why on earth would I want to run away when it felt so good here. Each touch registering as pleasurable.

A tube began snaking its way down the finger in my throat as I lay there, and then the Alien was removing their finger from my mouth. It hurt for a second, but as it came to a rest I almost immediately forgot it existed.

Other hands were gently pressing against my belly, down to my legs, where they continued to probe and manipulate my joints.

Each point of contact felt so good now, passing through my body like a drug. I could feel my pussy getting wet as I lay there, as beings from another world touched my exposed body. My nipples were still so hard, and my arousal was beginning to get maddening.

They hadn’t even touched between my legs yet, but I could feel the cool skin at my ankle. I looked down and watched as they brought some device or piece of technology over my skin, running it from my feet, to my abdomen. It beeped, changing color as they did so.

The static in my mind grew louder. They were talking to each other I realized, though as I watched them I could see no hint of movement from their mouths. As the static quieted once again I realized I could feel my heartbeat all throughout my body,in my ears, my fingers, and it felt as though it was hammering through my pussy.

They lifted their hands away and I whimpered.

Hello Claire, there was a whisper in my mind. One of them moved forward, standing directly in my line of sight. You appear to be exhibiting some extreme stress responses. 

As I listened I squirmed on the table. Fuck I didn’t think I’d ever been this turned on before, and here I was in an alien spaceship, with actual Aliens, and suddenly all I could think of was how badly I wanted them to fill me.

We understand this can be a difficult process for most organisms and would like to offer you the relief of the Authelas gas should you prefer to be anesthetized for us to finish this process.

Was that what they’d put in the air to knock me out? I was pretty sure it was, and while I wasn’t sure what they had planned my body was desperate to find out. “No,” I said out loud while they looked at me. “No please, you don’t have to sedate me, please, it just felt so good..” I trailed off.

There was silence for a minute, and then the voice returned. Understood. Authelas gas declined. We will now begin the next phase of the cataloging process. 

The beautiful faces of these beings began moving back to me, so smoothly it looked like they were floating.

Still holding the device as it glided up, I could feel the cold metal pressing against the skin of my forearm. There was a pinch, and I watched as a small needle pierced my arm. Even with the pain I was still horny. My body was still needy. Hands were descending, and as soon as those cool hands touched my thighs I moaned.

Over the static, I thought I heard something like laughter. But it didn’t matter,  my arousal was overwhelming me, and I lifted my hips as those hands moved down to my crotch. Each stroke of their fingers adding to the building pleasure deep in my core. Those fingers touched my crotch and my muscles clenched. I could feel my wetness dripping down to the table below. A single finger traced my pussy lips as I bucked my hips against it.

More laughter. The finger lifted up and I whimpered, before feeling it begin gently massaging my clit. The feeling was so intense I saw stars as I came hard with those alien fingers manipulated my delicate bundle of nerves. I felt something else running along my slit, something cool, and they were rubbing it against my juices.

Something was spreading my pussy lips and then that cool metal began to slip inside me.

It began to spread apart, stretching my pussy while another hand continued massaging my clit. I was moaning as they stretched me, and I watched as one face lowered down. Somewhere in the static, they must still be taking notes, I realized, but I didn’t care.

I felt fingers exploring the space opened by whatever they’d put inside of me, touching the insides of my pussy as my hips twitched and bucked. It was so much, and as more hands touched and massaged my stomach, and my chest, it was overwhelming.

I started whimpering as another orgasm rocked through me. Something was coating itself in my juices. It warmed as it touched me skin, slick on my thigh. And then I felt it at my ass. It began slipping in and I gasped, feeling it slide deeper, and deeper inside of me. What was this thing, I wondered for half a second before the pleasure of those cool Alien fingers coated my mind and body.

It was forcing my asshole open.

And while it hurt, everything else felt so good that I just kept rocking my hips. I looked down and saw a metal tube running down off the table, though something large was moving up, getting closer and closer to my ass. It was large, too large I thought. The static in my mind was getting louder, and then I felt it, something large starting to slide inside my asshole. It was too big, some part of my brain kept repeating it, and as it did I felt it moving inside of me.

Pain and pleasure was all I was aware of as orgasm after orgasm rocked through me, and I wondered just how long they planned on keeping me here. Part of me wanted to stay forever.

Time will come, said an alien thought. And then you choose. 

I’d get to choose, I thought to myself, and then lost myself again in the pleasure of their fingers. Maybe I’d go home. But then again, maybe I’d stay.

I hope you enjoyed my sci-fi blog! If you enjoyed this please check out my friend Aria’s original naughty fairy tale here.  And if you liked this story, and would like to hear me read it to you, the audio is available for purchase here.


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