My Sorority Sister Becomes My Lesbian Lover – Part One

Emily was one of my sorority sisters and a year ahead of me last year. We became fast friends after we bonded over our love of fashion and photography. Emily has red hair, very fair skin, and the most adorable freckles on her cheeks and nose. She has beautiful full D cup breasts, a small waist, and gorgeous wide hips. I thought she was gorgeous from the moment we met.. but I never anticipated anything more than friendship.

We were loved hanging out in her apartment, drinking wine, and doing our homework together.

She was also a Music Ed major, so we had some classes together, and most of the same friends, plus we were sorority sisters. One night, it started raining so bad that the power went out. Emily lived by herself, and she was nervous about being home without power and asked me to stay. So I did. 

At this point, I’d known Emily for a while, and I knew she liked girls, but I had never been attracted to a girl before.

Emily and I got in bed and started talking about random stuff. She asked me if I was still with the guy I saw the month prior, but I wasn’t… it fizzled out. She said she had a couple of crushes but wasn’t dating anyone, certainly none of our sorority sisters. Then we started playing never have I ever… a dangerous idea.

It was all pretty innocent at first; then she said, “Never have I ever wanted to kiss another girl.”

I started laughing and said, umm yeah, you kiss girls all the time! She leaned over and said I had to answer the question. I said I did want to kiss another girl. Then she said, “never have I ever wanted to kiss one of my sorority sisters.” I could feel myself blushing! I wanted to tell her, but would it be weird?

I admitted I did want to kiss one of my sorority sisters, and she was it.

To my surprise, she leaned in and started kissing me. Kissing Emily was more passionate and sensual than I imagined. Her soft lips and silky skin made it hard for me to think. I’ve always been super-rational and the one who always thinks everything through, but I couldn’t think! Kissing her made me want to do other things with her. What was I thinking?! She’s my sorority sister, not my lover. Could she be both?

Emily stopped and asked me if I wanted her to stop.. I said, don’t stop. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her on top of me, kissing her like there was no one else in the world.

She kissed my neck and chest slowly and tenderly while I ran my fingers through her beautiful red locks. Emily pulled my tank top to the side, and my pert nipples came to light. She immediately kissed my breasts and took the nipple into her mouth.

This was the moment nature took over… the moment where my sorority sister became my lover…

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