My Sorority Sister Can’t Help Herself Masturbation- Part 1

My sorority sister can’t help herself masturbation. Gabrielle was one of my sorority sisters and a year behind me, newly inducted into the sorority. When we first met our love of poetry and expensive shoes is what made us fast friends. We would hang out and go shopping and study together for our creative writing poetry class. Gabby is an brunette, with olive tinted skill and the most adorable small nose and luscious soft natural pink lips. She has beautiful full B cup breasts, a small waist, and gorgeous wide hips. She was so adorable and so innocent or so I thought. I never suspect she has such a little dirty secret. One day while we were hanging out in the sorority house living room the head sister Jennifer told us that Gabrielle roommate has requested to change roommates so Gabrielle well have to find someone else to live with.

Asking Gabrielle why sorority sister roommate wanted to change she said she doesn’t know maybe it was something she said or a annoying habit. We dropped it but I was still curious about what happened between them. Continuing to listen to music and talk about artist she stopped and explain Midnight Passion. Frozen by the out burst, Inquiring her what she meant by that. Saying it was nothing just the song was from the background to a movie she watched recently. Suggestions about the movie she said she forgot the title. Next day while I was walking to the second floor bath of another sister I saw Gabrielle moving a heavy luggage case. Demanding she tell me what she was doing she said moving. Sympathetic, I asked if she found a roomie and she said no she is just gonna move into one of the dorms.

I could not believe it

Feeling that this is unfair I told her to wait right there while I talk to the head sister about the room assignment. Going to Jennifer to ask what was the problem. Shrugging, she said that her roommate was uncomfortable with some of Gabrielle’s habits. I told her that me and Gabrielle are friends and I would like to be here roommate. Brow furrowed, she asked me if I know exactly what happened. I said no. Wided eye and sighing made some clicks on her phone and approved the request. Telling Gabrielle the good news we moved her stuff into my room even though I was an one bed room I had plenty of space for someone else. After moving we got some dinner and ate pizza on my bed. Getting ready for bed I asked her why her roommate was so weirded out by her.

Got into bed and so did she with her laptop. Focusing, she said that she has to masturbate to porn before she goes to sleep looking me in the eye with an straight face. In disbelief I asked her was she serious? She turned her attention to her laptop and started choosing a porn.

“Yes. It is the only way I can go to sleep. If I don’t I will be up all night.” say Gabrielle.

Starting the porn she began to feel under the covers.

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