Sophie’s First Time – My Lesbian Laundromat Surprise – Part 1

My First College Roomate

My first year roommate in college, Ellie, and I were getting our dirty clothes together to do our laundry.  The dorm laundry had only one machine working, and there was a line of quarters with stickies holding people’s spot for a chance to do their laundry.  We were told by the attending resident that there was a laundromat about five blocks from our dorm in the middle of town that a lot of students used, so we decided to go.  It was my first time ever in a laundromat.  I didn’t know it would also be my first time getting a lesbian laundromat surprise.  It would be quite an adventure.

It was later at night but we were fearless and decided that it wouldn’t be a problem, because we were going together.   When we got there, it was empty, but still warm and smelling fresh from a recently used dryer.  This laundromat is your typical looking laundromat.  It has big glass windows in the front and a big line of dryers against both the side walls and a middle island of washers. In the back there were some chairs facing a mounted TV and a bathroom.  It was clean, painted all white with stainless steel machines, a comfy black vinyl chairs and benches.  My pussy didn’t know the fun it would have.

She Asked All the Questions

Since we were the only ones in the laundromat, we put the music on the speaker of Ellie’s phone.  And were having fun goofing around, singing and dancing.  At one point, we started dancing.  Ellie pulled me close to her and then kissed me and asked me if i had ever kissed a girl before.  I told her that i had kissed one of my girl friends for the first time in high school at a sleep over on a dare but that’s as far as it went.  She had asked me if i had ever had in my pussy eaten before and I said yes.  She asked me if I’d ever had sex with a boy and I said yes.

Then Ellie asked me if I’d ever had my pussy eaten by a girl before and I said no, I hadn’t, and asked if she had.  She said yes, and that she loved it.  When asked if I was ok with that I said yes why wouldn’t I be.   Then she asked me if I would like to have my pussy eaten by a girl.  I said I guess I’ve never done it before.  But I guess I would.  When I asked her why, she told me that she was a lesbian.  Now you know why at this time we call that the lesbian laundromat.

My First With a Lesbian Experience

It was then she asked me if she could eat my pussy and that she promised I would love it, and that she wouldn’t make it into a thing.   At first I thought she was joking but it’s silly thing to ask somebody in the middle of a laundromat.   She took my hand and we danced to the back of the laundromat where the long benches were.  As she pulled my Jean shorts and my panties down I was a little nervous.  But I smiled down at her as my eyes were scanning the door to see if anyone would catch us.  When she got on her knees and spread my legs open that first feel of her lips on my bald slit sent a little tingle up my spine.


Cant wait for Part 2 on Friday?  Check out my audioblog version with more dirty details and a tickler for a future story.  If you like more girl on girl action, go to Hailey’s naughty girl on girl blog here.



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