Sophie’s First Time – My Lesbian Laundromat Surprise – Part 2

The First Time I Felt Her Tongue

Ellie gently licked that little teeny bit of cream that slid out of my pussy then she buried her face between my legs I could see the tip of her tongue as she stuck it out of her mouth, then flattening it to just slide between my pussy lips forcing them open.  Then I could feel my clit growing as that little tip of her tongue tickled the top of it.

I was feeling the that rush that begins with my nipples ticking and pulsing and moving down to my stomache and then my pussy.  I felt her two fingers push into my pussy as her lips wrapped around my clit.  As her fingers were pumping inside me and her mouth was devouring my pussy.  It was my first time with a lesbian in a laundromat.  It was amazing.  As I looked up, I  saw a man standing inside the laundromat.  He slowly put his laundry bag on the closest washer, and stood in front of the windows, behind the first row of washers.  Then, he turned and saw us.  He didn’t come any closer, he stopped, and watched us for a couple of minutes.  Then, he unzipped his pants, and pulled out his hard cock.

We Girls Get Caught

I smiled at him and watched him as he started stroking his dick.  He shifted slightly forward as he was stroking his rock hard cock feverishly.  I was squealing, moaning, pulling on my nipples – I could feel Ellie sucking and slurping me faster as her fingers were massaging my G-spot.  And then, I started to cum, hard.  I saw my cream on Ellie’s tongue before she smiled and lapped up the rest.  The man stroking his cock moaned loudly and spurted huge squirts of come.  He braced himself on the washer next to him.  And with a breathless whisper said how hot it was to watch me get eaten out and that he came so hard.  He turned beet red, thanked us both, zipped up his pants, and quickly walked out the door.

My First Laundromat Encounter

Ellie kissed me, smiled, and asked me if I liked it.  I told her of course I did, she made me cum really hard.  She helped me put my panties and shorts back on.  She knew someone had been watching, but not what had happened.  I told her about the man that was behind her.  She went to the door to see if she could see him walking down the street.  He was gone.  We finished our laundry and walked back to the dorm.  It wouldn’t be the last time she surprised me at the lesbian laundromat.  It was several weeks after that when I tasted Ellie for the first time.  We spent our freshman year exploring each other.   But that’s a juicy story for another time.


Did you miss the steamy set up in Part 1?  Find it here.  To hear me tell this story with lots of extra juicy tidbits purchase the audio here.  Check back in a couple of weeks to hear about my “formal” introduction to they guy from the laundromat.  You won’t believe who he is!

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