Sophia’s Firsts- Slutty Exhibitionism by the Jenga Table PART 1

I have quite a few kinks. I’m a pain slut, I love being tied up, and being degraded is perfection. I also love more obscure kinks, such as vacuum bedding, mummification, and more. These are all super fun, but my most beloved kink is my slutty exhibitionism. 

The first time I ever was an exhibitionist, or at least the first time I claimed that title, was at a kink party. My friend, Jack, was my co exhibitionist. He’s 36, so about 15 years older than me. We had been flirting for quite some time, and that night things came to a head. 

There was a game of dirty jenga going on. In dirty jenga, there’s a dirty dare on each tile. If you knock the tower over, you get spankings. It’s a great way to make moves on the sexy people around you. And Jack did just that. He got a kiss tile, and of course came over and kissed me. The sexual tension was high, and I leaned in and kissed him back. The tile only called for one kiss, but we wouldn’t stop. We kept kissing and kissing, and our hands started to move around each other’s bodies.

My hand eventually landed in his lap, where I felt his erection.

His LARGE erection, that is. I gasped, and he chuckled slightly into my mouth, landing another kiss on my lips.

“I bet you want to do more than just touch it” he whispered while nibbling my ear, forcing me to let out a soft moan. All of a sudden my eyes shot open as I realized we were still making out in the jenga circle. I had never done anything like this before. I know others had… but not me.

He pulled me in for another kiss, and my worries faded away. His right hand caressed my thigh, while his left held the back of my neck, not letting me escape his kisses. Before I knew it, my hands were fiddling with his belt, trying to take it off. I didn’t care who saw it anymore, and honestly, it kind of turned me on to think of people seeing this.

Finally, the belt was off, and I began grasping at his zipper.

Eventually, I released his cock from the confines of his pants. Immediately my hand wrapped around it, but only barely. His size was more than I had anticipated, which only turned me on more. As I stroked his large member, he began to slide off my shorts. I stood to make it easier, and to my surprise, he spun me around and pushed me against the wall.

I gasped as he slid my shorts off. Cheers erupted from the crowd playing jenga as my ass was revealed. He leaned in and whispered “I’ve been waiting for this moment, and I’m not going to wait a second more.” Jack began to rub my pussy, which was already so wet. “Now don’t squirm or else you’ll knock into this very riveting game.”


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