Sophia’s Firsts- Sexy Exhibitionism by the Jenga Table PART 2

Jack moved me into position, slightly bent at the waist with his fist entangled in my hair. I felt his hard member push against my pussy, spreading my lips to allow the head to slide in. I moaned, to the delight of the crowd, who giggled and hushed one another, all in awe at my sexy exhibitionism. 

Jack slowly pushed in further, knowing he was the biggest I’d ever had, and didn’t want to break me. I heard his groans as he started to pump in and out, still only fitting half of his huge cock inside of me. As I began to loosen around him, he would push further in, stretching my pussy out even more.

He began to speed up, and as he sped up he pushed further and further in. Eventually, he was balls deep inside of me, fucking the shit out of my little pussy. My brain was bouncing back and forth between the immense pleasure, and the sounds of the crowd around us. Some of them had continued playing jenga, as this was a kink party, so sex was nothing new. I heard the tower fall a couple times. I also heard the comments on my current situation.

“She’s taking that cock so well.”

“What a good girl.”

“His cock is huge.. How is she even taking it?”

I began to beam with pride. This sexy exhibitionism was growing on me. I loved people watching me be a good little cock slut.

And that’s when I started to get close to cumming. Yes, the sex was good, but the eyes on me felt even better. I started to moan louder and louder. The crowd took notice of this, and started to cheer. Along with their shouting and yelling, I came all around his cock, also screaming out.

Jack loosened his grip in my hair. He pulled out and I turned to him, beaming with my pleasure. Without hesitation, I got down on my knees and took his cock, which was still dripping with my pussy juices, into my mouth. I moaned around his head, tasting myself on him. He began to face fuck me, and spit started to drip down my face as I gagged around his cock.

The crowd went wild as I deepthroated his cock.

I loved being watched doing what I enjoy most, pleasuring a huge penis. His groans encouraged me even more, and I was fully fucking my throat with his large cock. 

I could tell he was getting close, so I pulled his shaft out of my mouth and continued stroking it with my hand. His moans intensified, and eventually, he began to squirt his hot cum all over my tits. The crowd absolutely lost it. After he was done, he pulled me up and turned me to the crowd. I smiled at my new little fan club and curtsied. This sexy exhibitionism was definitely a new favorite, and I couldn’t wait to do it again.


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