Something Sweet, A Little Mishap With Ice Cream Gone Right Part Two

Welcome back to my something sweet blog. I hope you’re ready to find out what happened next in this sinfully sweet encounter…


The taste of him invaded me, my mind went blank and my body moved on instinct. He urged me up just on my knees, and then to lean back. He pressed forward so that he was looming on top of me. My heart couldn’t stop pounding in my ears as his hands slid up my sides to inch my shirt up my body. His fingers leaving a trail of fire on my skin as he skillfully removed my shirt and went back to devouring every pant and soft moan that left my lips.

I never knew 8 years made such a huge difference, but even just kissing him lit me up more than any of my previous partners did. His hands were sure, steady, moved with purpose. My nipples found their way between his expert fingers and every pinch and tug sent jolts of electricity straight between my thighs.

Suddenly he pulled away and before I could ask why, he pulled the pint of chocolate ice cream from the bag and a spoon from his back pocket. Silently, I watched as he scooped a spoonful of the icy cold treat and then flicked it right onto my belly button.

His wicked smile at my gasp nearly undid me.

My thighs clenched tight and my nipples marbled to rock hard nubs. He crouched down and tugged my shorts and panties down while keeping me as still as possible as to not disturb the ice cream currently melting on me. He paid the sweet cream no attention, instead making his way to my sopping core to lap up all the liquid I’ve been leaking since I saw him in my doorway.

I tried to squirm, but he just held me firm in his hands. He made me endure every agonizing moment of his tongue lavishing me, building me to new heights. My clit was trapped in his mouth, being nibbled on and flicked until I saw stars behind my eyelids. Only when he achieved to bring me to release did he slide up and lick the now completely melted chocolate goodness from my fevered skin.

He climbed further up my body, his tongue making a trail until he landed on my mouth.

So that he kissed me with the mixed taste of my own cum and chocolate ice cream on his lips. Immediately after he thrust into me and began a grueling pace. I moaned into his mouth but he didn’t let up. His cock stretched and filled me more deliciously than any sinful dessert could.

Our breaths clashing in pants as we moved in sync, his thrusts and my hips jerking forward to meet him. He had found the perfect angle to hit my sweet spot and my moans grew frantic. His whispered words of encouragement aiding me as I clenched around him. I mist have set him off with that squeeze because he pulsed once and then I felt the heat of his cum pouring into me. He kept thrusting as he came and finally I was done. I cried out clung onto him, spasming around his shaft in my own orgasm.

We stayed like that for a while, neither of us moving as we came back down from our peaks. But after a few minutes he propped himself up to get a better look at me and with a mischievous smile he asked me, “We still have the rest of the pint to play with, as well as the rest of the weekend…”

That was just the start of one of the best weekends of my life. That neighbor and I starting something something beautiful that would last until I went away to college.


So I really hoped you loved my something sweet blog! I had a lot of fun writing it, and if you missed out on the first half, you can find it here. I also made an audio version, but if you want to ask specific questions, give me a call! 877-482-0664

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