Something Sweet, A Little Mishap With Ice Cream Gone Right Part One

Welcome back to my blog adventures, this week I want to tell you about one of my favorite experiences early on in you catch my drift. It’s a tale from my school days, on a rare weekend I was home alone. I have two siblings you see, and parent’s who don’t exactly leave us all that often. But the rentals where out of town for the weekend and my brothers had flown the nest to get into trouble I assume. As for me… I was craving something sweet.

Unfortunately for me, there was nothing sweet in the house. My garbage disposal brothers had ransacked the house before splitting, so I took out my phone and sent an SOS to a certain someone. I knew it was only a matter of time before he would darken my bedroom doorway. Fifteen minutes later and I wasn’t disappointed. I looked up from my book to find my next door neighbor leaning on the doorframe, a grocery bag hanging in front of him.

“That was fast.”

I said, slowly rising to my hands and knees, crawling to the foot of my bed to face him. His eyes were locked on me like he was afraid I would disappear if he looked away.

“You said you were craving something sweet, I aim to please.” His voice was low and husky, full of hidden meanings. We have been playing this game for ages now. The hot older boy that lives next door was always this unattainable thing to me growing up. I idolized him, but I was always just the bratty little kid next door that nipped at his heels. But ever since I entered high school and he finished college, he’d been noticing me more and more.

It’s been two years of the same old song and dance. Stolen glances, hidden meaning behind words said. But this is the first time we have been all alone with no risk of getting caught.

A fact I hinted at when I sent him the text for sweets.

I sucked in a shaky breath and let my eyes slowly rake down his body. “Ice cream does sound delightful, but all the bowls are downstairs…” I trailed off, licking my bottom lip.

He pushed off from the doorway and came into my room, not stopping until he was standing right in front of me. I had to crane my neck up to look at his face, but he was close enough that I could just lean forward and faceplant into the bulge that was growing in his pants. “I don’t think we will need bowls.” He replied, raising his free hand to run through my hair and snake around the back of my neck.

“And what exactly will we need?” I asked, but didn’t get a breath in because next thing I knew his lips where on mine. My whole body shuddered as I got to taste him for the first time. Finally, something sweet…


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