Snowed In Juliet Has Sex With A Stranger- Part 1

Snowed in Juliet has sex with a stranger. Being back home, is always fun. Being around friends, family and checking out who is new in town. I come from a small town in the Midwest and it is easy to get to know everyone. After the holidays I still had some money to burn from the amazing gift cards, cash app deposits, and holiday card money. I want to get my niece a new bed and buy a new lamp for my bedroom since I knocked it out in an act of passionate. So I went to the local furniture store for the some nice deals. Entering an high end value furniture store. It was such a snow storm brewing it was hard to even open the door. Even though there is a storm outside there was at least 15 people in the store shopping.

The wind was blowing so hard

Barely standing after struggling with the door. Walking into the furniture store I was greeted by new sales representative I don’t remember from last year. Feeling the building shake a little and the lights flicker I locked eyes with the representative.

“Hi, I am Brent. Welcome, we can provide for all your home needs. Even on a day like this. May I ask your name?” he said with a small chuckle and nice grin.

“I am Juliet. Yeah, you know they say in like a lamb and out like a lion. It is wildin outside. I am looking for a twin bed and a nice lamp that can get through TSA.”, saying while looking him out and down and around the store.

Following him down to the aisle to the lamps staging area.

Variety of lamps of all different spaces and sizes

As I explained the type of lamp I am looking for while cutting on several to see how it would look in my condo. He asked how my originally lamp got broken.

“It is kind of a personal story of a crazy night and too much red wine and a pillow.” whispering while blushing a little.

“Oh wow, is the pillow okay? Since there was the causality of warfare with the lamp.” bending over laughing he says.

Hitting him with one of the pillow from the next aisle to get him to stop laughing. Reassure him no other furniture was harmed in the making of a crazy night. Telling me to wait right there after his 2-way radio beeped to come to the storeroom. Continuing to look at the variety of lamps myself I decided on a nice cream shade gray crystal base lamp.

Lights flickered again and strong gust of wind shook the building

Turning around Brent handed me a flash light and said the storm is picking up so the manager wants them to prepare the customers. Showing him the lamp I have chosen he said that is a great choice and takes energy efficient bubs so please take care of him.

“Oh, its a him?”, questioning his gender reference.

“I would expected it to be if it is constantly in your bedroom.” smirking he said.

Moving on to the bed aisle, Brent starts talking about the comfortability of each mattress no matter what the size.

Just then the flickered and a loud alarm went off and the emergency service lights came on. Head manager with a bullhorn told everyone to be calm. The news said that it is not safe to go outside so we are all snowed in.

Loudly people grasps

They had snacks, provisions and flashlights for everyone but the main advice is to stay calm so we can ride this out. Brent’s walky talky beep.

“Yeah?” answering the beep on his walkie.

“Does you customer have any medical conditions or allergies we should know about.” voice on the radio asked.

Shaking my head no, he replied and was told to come back and get a provision package. Giving me his flashlight he told me to wait right there. Back in a flash he had a small box with food, first aid kit, personal essentials and ipod. Asking if all boxes had an iPod he said no, it was his personal one he thought maybe we could relax on the bed while listening to some music. Walking over to the Queen and King mattress section we choose a comfortable bed and sat in the middle. Trapped in a furniture story with an handsome stranger….what could go wrong? Or right?


I hope you enjoy this Snow In: Juliet Has Sex With Stranger story come back on Friday. If you can’t wait till Friday you can purchase my audio version of this blog here. Check out at sexy stories at here.

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