Sneeze Fetish – Let the Naughty Bar Games Begin – Part 2

As an interlude to this sneeze fetish story, why don’t you pull out your cock and play along? Let’s see if you finish before I do.

I grabbed the pepper and put just enough into a shot glass to cover the bottom. I shook it up almost as if I were shaking a fruity cocktail.

As soon as the dust touched my nose I felt my nose ignite with a burning desire to sneeze. It was an almost immediate response so I stifled it. I didn’t want to be that unfair.

I could tell by the look on his face that he appreciated it. My nose was apparently trying out for the Olympic track it was running so much.

“So, what usually sets off your allergies?” He asked.

“Well, dogs will do it, but I’m also very allergic to cats. My allergies go away faster with dogs than cats. I’ll be sneezing all day long if someone came in here with a cat.”

My breath hitched in my chest.

“I…I…” I waited for a second. What I’d wanted to say was I thought I was going to sneeze, but the words wouldn’t come out. I thought if I stopped talking, the sneeze would free itself from its’ cage.

Sadly, it was a false alarm. But, when I paused, I saw he was stroking himself harder in anticipation of the sneeze that never came.

“It sounds like you’re very close.” He observed.

I nodded furiously. “Yes, I am.” My words were spaced out because that sneeze was still right there. It was so frustrating.

“So, what about a sneeze turns you on the most?” My nose made it almost impossible to talk.

“The way her breath catches is one thing. But, a sneeze is similar to an orgasm, I think. It seems to affect the body the same way. The build-up, the anticipation. The release.”

“That’s actually pretty cool and different. I like unique.” I’d tried to sound flirty, but stuffy was the only thing I could manage.

My nose tickled and out of nowhere, that sneeze erupted from me. I grabbed a napkin and blew my nose. When I looked down, I saw he was still stroking and hadn’t cum yet.

“Looks like I win.”

He smirked. “What about double or nothing?” I motioned for him to go on while I continued blowing. “If you sneeze again before I cum then I’ll also take you out to dinner.”

“Charmer,” I said while I thought about it. “Okay, it’s a deal.”

He kept stroking himself while I dabbed at my nose with the corners of my napkin. I could see precum glistening on his head and it excited me.

My breath hitched several more times.

As it did, he stroked a little faster. I hit my chest with my hand, trying to push the sneeze out of me.

That didn’t work, so I grabbed the pepper again and used it to my advantage. The effect wasn’t as immediate as it had been the first time so it gave him a little time to catch up.

My mouth opened wide as I prepared to let it all loose, but all that came out was a half-sneeze. When I thought about it, this was almost like orgasm denial and it was just as frustrating.

I glanced over at my customer and his face was showing all kinds of signs of release. I wanted that release, too.

Again, my mouth opened and so did his. As I let out a barrage of sneezes, I saw his cum drip out of the tip of his cock. He’d cum on my second sneeze, I think? It was hard to tell since the six or so that I’d let out were so close together.

We both reached for some napkins and cleaned up our messes. I smiled after I wiped my face and his pants were zipped back up. “So, about that dinner…”


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