Smoking Fetish, Katrina’s Office Job and Smoke Breaks Part 1

Do you have a particular type of smoking fetish? Does the sight of a beautiful woman smoking a cigarette turn you on? I started smoking at a young age. Somehow, it was the cool thing to do at the time. Also, smoking attracted the guys from the very beginning.

At first, I did not realize that there was a smoking fetish. All I knew was that it made me feel more adult and attracted guys. As I got a little older, I began to understand. I have always loved to wear make-up, especially lipstick. I love long-lasting lipstick because it does not wear off so quickly. Smoking brings attention to your lips. So, I began to understand the correlation between smoking and oral sex.

However, there is more to a smoking fetish. It’s about the whole process. It is about the inhale and the exhale. How you hold your cigarette between your fingers. It matters if you paint your nails too. Even the type of cigarette or cigar you smoke can matter to anybody with this fetish.

As a long-time smoker now, I have a smoking fetish. The way I hold it and purse my lips. I smoke with my left hand more than with my right hand. I associate my first cigarette of the day with a hot mug of coffee with cream and sugar. Smoking is an integral part of my life. I smoke when I take a break. Before and after sex, I smoke. I always smoke when I write.

If you would like, imagine me typing and smoking right now.

Let me tell you about one of my smoking fetish experiences. It was my first office job. I was doing data entry. It was a semi-casual dress working environment. Still, I liked to dress somewhat professionally. Technically, it was unsupervised, but I did have an office manager. It was a small, quiet office. There were only five of us including the manager. Like any smoker, you inquire about the smoking policy. We were allowed to smoke, thank gawd, but it was outside in the back parking lot.

That first day I wore a straight black skirt, v-neck blouse, stockings, heels, and of course, make-up including nail polish. I checked with the office manager before my first smoke break. He told me that I could step out for a cigarette whenever I wanted. I was pleasantly surprised especially since I knew he did not smoke. On my first break, I noticed that there were security cameras. It was reassuring, but I was curious about who was watching or if it was simply recording.

Since I did not have pockets, I kept my lighter in my bra on the left side. I pulled out a cigarette from my pack. Then I pulled out my lighter from my bra. I put that cigarette to my ruby red lips and lit it with my lighter. Ah, that first inhale was always the best. I closed my eyes as I inhaled and enjoyed the sun on my face. It was great to be able to get away from the computer screen. Also, it was nice to know that I could smoke whenever I wanted to smoke.

It really encouraged me to put in some overtime if I was allowed.

In a small office, you get to know your co-workers. I was single, but the rest of the people in the office were married. There was plenty of work to do. Everybody except the manager went home at 5 PM. It seemed that the office manager always stayed late. So, I started staying for an hour or two late a couple of nights per week. That first night that I stayed late, the office manager came outside while I was taking a break. I had a cigarette in between my fingers and was about to reach in my bra for my lighter when the manager stepped out of the door.

I hesitated for a moment before reaching in my bra for my lighter. He smiled at me and I pulled the lighter out. “Here, let me light that for you,” he said. I smiled back and handed him the lighter still warm from my breast. He lit my cigarette. “I didn’t think that you smoked?” I said questioningly and he said, “Oh, I don’t smoke, but I thought I’d join you since we’re the only two left in the office.” I did not think much about it even though it seemed that he watched my every move. At that moment, I did not think about it being sexual at all since I knew that he was married. We talked a little while I smoked my cigarette and then we both went back inside to work for a bit longer. This became our habit whenever I worked late.

Part 2 coming in 2 days!

Smoking Fetish, Katrina’s Office Job and Smoke Breaks Part 2

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